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I have several questions..

I have several questions..

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  • IkeDizzle

    I mean if corporations are people and pizza is a vegetable and money is speech, I don’t see a problem with this logic.

  • Sylvennn

    “The lawsuit specifically set out to determine whether the commission exceeded its authority when it designated four bumble bee species as endangered species – the Crotch bumble bee, the Franklin bumble bee, the Suckley cuckoo bumble bee and the Western bumble bee – calling them invertebrates, therefore falling under CESA’s definition of fish.”


  • Tkainzero

    California is a little bit insane… I’m tired of all the flack Florida gets, California is the real USA mental Asylum!


    (I have lived about half my life in each of California and Florida)

  • balrus-balrogwalrus

    it’s honestly stupid how invertebrates can’t be protected as an endangered species. like the vast majority of animal species are invertebrates

  • savehel651

    Here’s a funny thing beavers, puffins, alligators, capybara are also classed as fish by Catholics. In England the crown has a list of other animals that are “fish” that aren’t.
    Even in our modern times we don’t have a firm meaning to the word fish in our scientific language, so obviously the legal realm would be confusing.

    “Incredible as it may sound, there is no such thing as a “fish.” The concept is merely a convenient umbrella term to describe an aquatic vertebrate that is not a mammal, a turtle, or anything else. There are five quite separate groups (classes) of fishes now alive – plus three extinct ones – not at all closely related to one another. Lumping these together under the term “fishes” is like lumping all flying vertebrates – namely, bats (mammals), birds, and even the flying lizard – under the single heading “birds,” just because they all fly. The relationship between a lamprey and a shark is no closer than that between a salamander and a camel.

    However, the fact that “fish” has become hallowed by usage over the centuries as a descriptive term dictates that, for convenience’s sake, it will be used here. It is worth remembering, however, that employing this term to describe the five different living groups is equivalent to referring to all other vertebrates as tetrapods (four-legged animals), even if some have subsequently lost or modified their legs.” — “The Encyclopedia of Underwater Life”

  • AlwaysHere202

    It’s a half truth. California ruled to protect them under their invertebrate act, which originally was written to specifically protect marine invertebrates, and calling fish invertebrates because their spine isn’t bone.

    So, some wording makes you go, “Wait, does this mean they’re saying the bees are fish?!”

  • Buschwick66

    The fact that it’s this big of an argument and it still passed tells me this is for legislation to prevent spraying certain chemicals on crops….since they’ll hurt the now protected bees…no more chemicals. The people that make the laws are just doing whatever they want to get their agenda passed.

    I hope the food supply doesn’t suffer.

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