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I don’t care what anyone says this game is amazing

I don’t care what anyone says this game is amazing

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  • CR4ZY___PR0PH3T

    I’m still waiting for a proper sequel. Doesn’t make sense they didn’t continue with him as the main character the second one wasn’t bad but it would’ve been much better with Aiden. As for Legion I hated it there was no main character just a bunch of generic NPCs that you play as such a dumb idea.

  • Candy_Lawn

    this game shot itself in the foot. it had a great idea and an ok protagonist and could have been really good, a proper contender against gta, but…the gameplay was weak, the shooting terrible, car driving awful. the only good thing was the hacking and even then half the time you ended up just creating a distraction then going in shooting.

    plus i think my biggest bug bear was that he was pissed at the death of his daughter …so decided the best way to get over it was to kill hundreds of people.

  • Handsome_BWonderful

    Yeah I really enjoyed it. I liked the freedom it gave you in many missions you tackle them how you wanted. Something sorely missing in recent GTA games

  • chicken_seizuresalad

    it was one of my favourite 2020 lockdown games. through all the travel restrictions, anxiety and unemployment, playing this game made me feel like a tourist in chicago.

    series went downhill but i will definitely return to replay the original again one day.

  • GreenCard79

    I really enjoyed it, actually been thinking about replaying it recently. Gameplay was generally far more refined in the sequel, but I couldn’t stand the characters (except for Marcus and Horatio) and writing. Much prefer the more serious tone of the original.

  • MadlyMighty

    I enjoyed it but I coudn’t care less about the whole substory regarding his niece

    That just felt like it was shoehorned in

  • the_colonelclink

    This was actually the first game I played with my son. Mission by mission or death (so if you finished a full mission, or died during that mission it was the other person’s go).

  • mailmanmunson346

    I’ve played both WD1 and WD2. WD1 had a great story and characters but I think WD2 had a better open world and gameplay. WD2 story was not good imo.


    Number 2 went downhill quick in regards to the characters though which was a shame because it was a promising IP.

  • crazzzi4u

    Such a great game, loved playing it when it came out and i still love playing it every now and then today. The takedowns and actions were so cool. I think one of the reasons i like it so much compared to others is that i didn’t know about the game before it launched and so i wasn’t aware of the hype surrounding things like the promo graphics that were scaled back severely by the final release and the promises of the hacking being more in-depth.

    Shame the second game didn’t feel that way, since i actually liked the improvements in hacking, but the action and characters were bland.

  • Listogast

    I loved the atmosphere of this game. Driving through the rundown parts of town in a rainstorm, cops looking for you as you hide in a parked car from them. They really nailed it

  • Iperovic

    I wouldn’t call it amazing but it’s sort of akin to AC and AC2

    The first game was a good proof of concept, I definitely had fun and would recommend

    But the second game took everything to the next level

  • SoManyGoblins

    By no means amazing, but it was a fun GTA-like. I really enjoyed the dark atmosphere of the city, it’s kind of a shame they lightened it so much for WD2 and made a complete mess in WD3.

    It’s a fun game, the main story gets a bit too long and repetitive, but have a few very memorable moments. I recommend it, but moderate your expectations.

  • wolfninja_

    I enjoyed it a lot, it felt fun to shoot up gang hideouts and sneak around and drive around and all sorts of things. It was absolutely one of the games I enjoyed the most when replaying it

  • mikepictor

    I tried playing it twice, gave up part way both times. I actually loved WD2, and after playing it, I went back to WD figuring “Maybe I just missed something last time”.

    Nope, got bored, uninstalled. I’m glad you enjoyed it, but it just couldn’t grab me.

  • freshairequalsducks

    It was fun and got a bad reputation. Great freedom in approaching mission objectives and good combat. My only real gripe with it was how boring Aiden is as a protagonist.

  • rotating_pebble

    People had unrealistic expectations with this game, expecting it to be a “GTA killer”. They also downgraded the graphics quite heavily from the first e3 showing. That being said, I had a blast playing it. But it was definitely the kind of game you play through once then drop. Maybe now enough time has passed to replay it though.

  • TitleComprehensive96

    I agree. It’s a pretty good game. Iirc the main reason people didn’t enjoy it was that it wasn’t everything it was sold up to be

  • Alanuelo230

    First game I bought, for 20 EUR for Xbox 360. I finished it five times already, but I never got my hands on that dlc, Bad Blood

  • KingYoloHD090504

    I like watch dogs, it’s one of my favorite game series Ubisoft has ever made

    But WD2 is the best and WD3 is the worst

  • Ewh1t3

    My only complaint was there were a ton of multiplayer achievements. I had all the single player ones but your opponent could quit out when it was clear they were losing and you’d get no credit for the win

  • jabertsohn

    This is one of them games I thought I’d probably like but never got round to playing. Did legion turn out to be any good?

  • eliochip

    I really enjoyed it for what it was. A sandbox stealth focused GTA clone with an edgy hacker vibe. I liked the location too

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