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How a refrigerator works

How a refrigerator works

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  • Wouldtick

    Quick, grab the rectal thermometer. I want to see if my farts have a cooling effect due to the compression in my bowels.

  • Money-Meet

    For a simple but slightly more in-depth explanation, they basically just move heat around. The evaporator (the cold part) absorbs heat because heat always moves from higher temperature to lower temperature. The condenser (the warm part) rejects heat by being hotter than ambient temperature and therefore the heat moves to the air around it instead of the condenser. Then there’s the refrigerant inside of the coils, by changing states from liquid to vapor and vice versa they release or absorb a great amount of heat.

  • AlexR415

    He didn’t stumble on his words once. Smooth.As.Fuck. I bet he got mad pussy back in the day. Just look at that porn-stauche.

  • Presolar_Grains

    Fantastic old show. I used to watch this after school every day, and I’ve recently been watching 2-3 of these each night before going to sleep, embracing the nostalgia while letting go of the day. Love it.

  • Szoreny

    Cool, I headcanoned refrigerator function into a compressed air can whose output was recompressed and stuck back into the can for endless spraying, kinda neat to see that’s not idiotically off the mark.

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