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Hey Microsoft, I’ve got a suggestion for the next project you should green light.

Hey Microsoft, I’ve got a suggestion for the next project you should green light.

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  • DrLongSchlongius

    Generally just put love and development back into the StarCraft franchise, and I’ll be the happiest man ever!

    **My life for Aiur!**

  • Hanzo_The_Ninja

    There’s a few things I’d like to see come out of this acquisition, although admittedly a lot of it is unlikely:

    – Local multiplayer in the Diablo II Remake, and possibly any other remakes of pre-2016 games (especially those that originally only supported online multiplayer, eg: many of the COD games). I know a lot of people will think this is unecessary, but it would further the appeal of the Xbox Series S as a “party console” or “family console” the way the Wii was circa 2013-2015.

    – Action-RPGs (ala Skyrim) based on the Warcraft universe. If done correctly these games could be used to generate new interest in World of Warcraft while providing WoW players with insight into the series’ lore and mythology. They could probably even get away with re-using some of WoW’s assets.

    – Remakes / Proper sequels of Archon, Vigilante 8, Star Control, GUN, Police Quest, King’s Quest, Space Quest, StarCraft, Zork, etc.

  • Dauss

    Fun fact; An early build of Starcraft Ghost reappeared almost 20 years after the fact on a debug original Xbox console from a private collector. You can play a few levels if you don’t mind the fact that the game, well, isn’t finished, has tons of bugs and performance issues, and so on.

  • touchtheclouds

    People who think this purchase is going to be doing anything remotely close to this are setting themselves up for major disappointment.

  • goliathfasa

    Just shut down everything Blizzard has running at the moment and put all resources in these unrealized gems.

    Shut down Overwatch, put the team back on Titan.

    Shut down WoW, make that Warcraft Adventure game.

    Hire back all the fired RTS devs and make Warcraft 4.

    The FPS part of the OW devs can work on Ghost.

  • Inukii

    Some kind of hybdris of Halo, Gears of War and Sniper Elite like game where you play as Nova.

    I’ll buy that 1 year Xbox Pass now.

  • Awkward_Bowler

    StarCraft: Ghost in idTech 8 would be a fucking dream, I hope Microsoft is smart enough to leverage all their technologies like that.

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