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Has anyone played Nitronic Rush?

Has anyone played Nitronic Rush?

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  • bayless210

    Nitronic Rush was an experimental racing game developed by Team Nitronic. It had you driving through a distopian, almost computerized landscape. I believe it was meant to be a computer antivirus software racing against time to stop a virus from destroying the world. It was extremely fun and I used to play it all the time. It never got a steam release or really any release and you had to know what it was to find it.

    It’s sequel, Distance did have a steam release, I believe, and it was just as good! If you haven’t played it, I would recommend. Just do research on what site you download it from as I have gotten viruses from certain sites in the past. They should have a website you can go to to download it but I don’t have that link. Just look up Nitronic Rush and you should find the site.

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