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“Halo has lost over 80% of it’s player base by January, and its multiplayer is doomed”

“Halo has lost over 80% of it’s player base by January, and its multiplayer is doomed”

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  • UnknownShadows

    Applies to every other game, too. Give us context for your doom-saying.

    As of January 2008, Halo 3 seems to have lost over 80% of it’s players. Obviously, it wasn’t a wildly popular game with over 14 years of life. Clearly, Halo Infinite is doomed and the devs don’t see it yet, right?

    I added Halo Infinite Steam Charts data over data on Halo 3’s player count and matched the base-lines and peaks to compare curves. The Halo 3 chart comes from a semi-related paper, “[Statistical Analysis of Gamer Behavior Worcester Polytechnic Institute](”, an online PDF to be taken with a mountain of salt and skepticism. This is still wildly inaccurate data, but at least it’s context nobody is willing to acknowledge.

    Edit: I should clarify my stance that we don’t need to panic because a big percent drop in players. It happened before with a successful game, and will happen with many more. Let’s chill on the doom saying for every game unless there is context.

  • Spokker

    I don’t know the numbers off the top of my head, but even if it’s a tie, wouldn’t there be less gamers to pull from in 2007-2009 versus today?

    Less gamers overall, less Xbox Live users, less Xboxen in the wild. Halo 3 was only on a console that released two years prior. Gaming was still seen as a guy’s hobby, so that further restricts the appeal.

    Halo Infinite was released onto a platform that is far more mature. The Xbox One came out in 2013 and the Xbox One X in 2017. That’s not counting the new Series X/S. Halo Infinite is also on GamePass and the multiplayer is free to play. Halo 3 was not.

    So if Halo Infinite has the same number of players as Halo 3 did, it would still be a win for Halo 3 because it was released in a more difficult environment. One could make the argument that Halo Infinite is competing with a lot more games, but here’s what Halo 3 was competing with:

    2007 was such a good year for gaming.

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