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Hacking a device worth $2,000,000

Hacking a device worth $2,000,000

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  • hamateur

    I’m very skeptical about this entire thing.

    I’m not sayin’ there wasn’t some bug in some hardware wallet that wasn’t exploited.

    I’m sayin’ that maybe Crypto Currency, in and of itself, is a sham where the value of whatever is inflated to get idiots to buy into it so “early adopters” can cash out. And none of this didn’t seem like it was a commercial for a specific Crypto Currency.

    After all of this, who DIDN’T think (after watching), “Ohhh. That stuff must be worth moneh.” ???

  • drofder

    This video could’ve been very interesting, but the way it was shot is just so weird and made it uncomfortable to watch. The amount of camera angles and cuts, dramatic music, reaction shots…?

    In the 30 seconds of footage whilst dismantling the device, there was 18 cuts between multiple angles. It’s so unnecessary.

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