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Great period for horror fans

Great period for horror fans

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  • Thescottishguy87

    Indeed it is a great period however as someone who still replays Re4 once a year I really hope they dont fuck it up

  • PointlessPotion

    Not so great if you already played 2 out of those three games. I love my RE4 Wii version, why would I get the remaster/remake? PS3 Dead Space already looks great, so I don’t need it “new”.

    It’s hard to come up with a fresh take on horror games, but I wish there were more, truly spooky new releases.

  • Portgas

    None of them are remotely scary (and that’s why dead space and Re are the only “horror” franchises I actually like lol). If you have a gun, it’s just a comedy.

  • sweetrollbandito

    Seeing as how EA killed the entire DeadSpace franchise and put the entire dev team that created the series out of a job. I will not be buying the DeadSpace remake because I don’t want to reward their horrible behavior. I will be buying and supporting Calisto Protocol though. DeadSpace without EA attached, sign me up.

  • thewinkleboss

    Ah yes, a great time for horror fans because the best horror game experiences are ones you’ve already played…

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