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Grass type [OC]

Grass type [OC]

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  • Zurgo_Quebra-Elmo

    Yeah, why take one resistant to the first 2 gyms, giving you time to gather a good them and LVs for the one after that? Truly ridiculous.

  • Wezzleey

    Oak knows that Bulbs is the best starter.

    He’s just mad that he won’t be able to smoke green while smashing Ash’s mom.

  • Newish_Username

    Bulbasaur fucking ROCKED the first 2 gyms. He was a great choice.

    Fuck the haters, Bulba is best poke’boy. I would say it’s a hill I would die on, but you would be dead from razor leaf before you touched the slope.

  • LotusCSGO

    Bulbasaur was OP in gen 1.

    1) He is super effective against the first 2 gyms and resistant to the 3rd gym

    2) He learns Sleep Powder which is completely overpowered in gen 1

    3) He learns razor leaf, which is also overpowered. Due to a calc bug, the move almost always caused a critical hit.

    Combine that with no other viable grass pokemon (except Victreebell which isn’t even available in one of the games) and he’s the best choice both early and late game.

  • MadMadMads1

    I will not stand for Bulbasaur slander. He kicked righteous ass in my first nuzlocke and even made it to the Championship fight because he’s a legend.

  • Nan_The_Man

    real Pokemon masters ignore meta and train the Pokemon they like, rather than slaving after maximum numbers

  • CrispyVagrant

    This kid has been trapped in a town with four buildings his whole life where you can’t leave without being told it is too dangerous to go into the grass alone. Logically, he is going to think grass is the most dangerous type.

  • -rembrandt-

    Folks are reading the comic wrong. You’re about to go on a huge adventure by yourself. Do you take the Pokemon that can make fire for you anytime you need it? How about instant water? Or would you prefer the one that can shoot leaves?

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