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Good grief, they’re not even pretending to try anymore 🤦‍♀️

Good grief, they’re not even pretending to try anymore 🤦‍♀️

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  • Gitshiver

    Lol! Don’t forget such gems as seal and dewgong, not to mention the ones with a slight bit of effort like a sea horse named horsey, a turtle named squirtle, and a sand shrew named sandshrew! 😆

  • BangEnergyCuresED

    Like they tried with the rat, or the other rat, or the seal, or the fish, or the other fish, or the horse, or the rock with arms, or the caterpillar, or the jellyfish, or the bird, or the other bird, or the

  • ATDynaX

    There are always people complaining. First they complain that Pokémon don’t look like regular animals and more like objects, and now people complain about Pokémon looking like regular animals. I welcome those that look normal. We finally have a flamingo, stork and dolphin.

  • demonardvark

    lol there’s another fun one. its a giant earth worm. are you ready for its name? orthworm.

    I was like “seriously” at first. however, he shoots out a bunch of arms like a cootie, has a big doofy face, and so far hits like a god damned freight train. so, my generic earthworm bro has grown on me now, and I kinda like him.

  • FierceMajoras

    Hard disagree. I put this on my team as soon as I saw it. I’d prefer more down to earth designs like this over some of the bizarre creatures they have come up with as of late.

  • powerhcm8

    Selective memory is strong on this one.

    First gen had ekans which is snake spelled backwards. Rattata which is a rat. A caterpillar called caterpie. A butterfly called Butterfree. A Pidgeon called Pidgey. A Sparrow called Spearow.

  • Chodetasticc

    With pokemon being so accessible through showdown I’ve barely went a day without playing pokemon since I was a kid… this new generation is absolute dog shit. I’ve had gripes with dynamax and human-mons but these new lot just take the cake lol

  • NitratedDiamond

    I guess we forgot about Ratatta, Raticate, Ekans (which is snake backwards), Arbok (Cobra spelled wrong backwards), Taurus, and many others?

  • dalekmas98

    Ignoring the fact op clearly forgot about alot of other Pokémon that are extremely lazy names

    It’s a flamingo that’s Ur friend so it’s a flamigo

  • ShawshankException

    Ahh pokemon fans.

    Looks like an animal: omg so unoriginal

    Doesn’t look like an animal: wtf is this Digimon bullshit

    Btw the first gen had a fucking rat, snake, caterpillar, pile of sludge, and bull. Let’s stop acting like any of this is new.

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