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Golden State Warriors owner says he “doesn’t care” about the Uyghur genocide, questions whether it is taking place, and says PRC is not a dictatorship and no worse than USA

Golden State Warriors owner says he “doesn’t care” about the Uyghur genocide, questions whether it is taking place, and says PRC is not a dictatorship and no worse than USA

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  • anarchonobody

    This isn’t news. Everyone knows the NBA kowtows to China. Can’t lose out on the revenue from that massive market. His remarks will be celebrated in China, and sales of jerseys will skyrocket.

  • RelishSanders

    I think the world would be a lot better off without cheaper goods and trade from China if the US monopolies and oligarchy would just take care of it’s workers instead of corporate profits, tax cuts, political donations, stock buybacks and ceo pay increases. There’s also video evidence of the treatment of Uyghurs, it’s horribly misinformed to question it.

    Edit: I also think he’s correctly identifying that he is part of the problem. It doesn’t help him get paid to talk or even care on a human level about China because it’s all about money and a bottom line, always has been. To be successful in his domain you can care only to your detriment cuz someone else will end up making that money. The rich get richer, more money than they could spend in two lifetimes and the rest get fucked.

  • VerneLundfister

    I seriously question why the NBA is so popular.

    I’m a basketball purist and you couldn’t pay me to watch an NBA game start to finish nowadays. It’s a lower fundamental level of the game than college or HS. They’ve created rules to circumvent the interpretation of the most fundamental rule of the sport with the travel (see gather steps) or they just flat out ignore it. They seem to be more occupied with the off the court drama during off seasons and in season than the actual product on the floor. Throw in the super teams and the constant cycle of stars just throwing their hats in the ring together and it’s really a terrible product. I mean we watched a historic team in the warriors beat the thunder in the playoffs and one of the leagues best players said fuck it I’m gunna go play with them mere weeks after losing to them in the playoffs.

    Then you add all this China stuff and it’s awful. They’re completely controlled by China and the almighty dollar.

    I don’t see anything endearing with the product that is the NBA.

  • Mildly_Offensive_Guy

    ugh, I thought this guy was actually an interesting thinker from the few videos I have seen of him from the past. In one 22 second video he made me completely reverse course on him. Yikes.

  • Luize0

    founder and CEO of Social Capital.

    The firm has “stood out strategically”, according to Fortune, “with a focus on … healthcare, financial services and education … when those fields were … neglected by the VC community.”[1]

    The irony

  • farnzz

    And golf tournaments in Saudi Arabia.

    And iPhones made in China.

    And shoes made in Vietnam.

    It’s hilarious. People want to hold the NBA and other businesses to a higher standard than they have for themselves.

    Don’t buy products made in China. Don’t watch the Olympics. Etc.

    If you truly care, put up or shut up. Can’t criticize this guy typing on an iPhone.

  • Whoreson_Welles

    Thanks to this jackass I’m ordering Uyghur food on skip the dishes tomorrow (restaurant’s closed today). Google Uyghur support if you want to donate to charities supporting Uyghur rights and migrants.

  • Xralius

    I hate to say it but he’s telling it like it is. We don’t care. We can say we do. We can care for 15 seconds long enough to post a comment on social media in outrage. But then it’s back to reality where what is happening in China doesn’t effect us at all.

    Surely if this guy could snap his fingers and stop genocide he would, as would we all. But right now, he’s not doing anything more or less than you or I.

  • _sillycibin_

    Do you care? Really? Cuz I think people are missing the point he’s trying to make and he’s not delivering it well but he’s kind of saying I am you I am everyone else I don’t care and guess what no one else does either. And we sure as heck haven’t cared for last 30 plus years as people said our products are being made in Chinese sweatshops by children and other forms of worker exploitation and nothing has actually been done in 30 years. That is what he is actually saying when he says I don’t care. He’s actually saying you don’t care all of you as you’ve proven it year after year decade after decade.

  • _sillycibin_

    He’s saying I don’t care and neither do you so don’t shame me for being the one who’s honest. If any of you actually cared you would have stopped buying Chinese shit decades ago

  • fakerealmadrid

    Gold State Warriors owner is right and doesn’t buy into bullshit CIA/Radio Free Asia propaganda. Westerns online (ESPECIALLY Americans) love to buy into this faux genocide that has been disproven many times, but neglect to see problem with the USA having the highest prison population that uses legalized slavery per the 13th amendment, occupying Puerto Rico/Hawaii (poisoning their water supply too)/Guantanamo Bay, continuing the blockade of Cuba from the rest of the world and forcing everyone that isn’t rich to go into copious amounts of debt to pursue higher education. All while subsidizing the industries that are destroying the planet.

    Take your Red Scare and Yellow Peril glasses off for once and start looking at China through an objective lens. The government in China has about a 90% approval rating amongst its citizens.

    And people love to bring up the “social credit score.” How about looking into our LUDICROUS ACTUAL credit score system that keeps citizens in poverty.

    Look at how much has been forgiven by the so-called “debt trap.” Yet we occupy how many military bases abroad?

    People wonder why Asians were under attack, yet those same people believe every BS story about the DPKR that comes from RFA. SMH.

    Critical thinking is plummeting in this country, and it shows

    Edit: also to add to the actual point, look at footage of actual Uighur people and the normal ass lives they live. Most of their farming is done by automated John Deere tractors using GPS, not forced labor. It’s literally so fucking easy to disprove. Come on people. We are better than what our shitty public educations led us to believe.

  • JavariousProbincrux

    Golden State has issued a statement: “As a limited investor who has no day-to-day operating functions with the Warriors, Mr. Palihapitiya does not speak on behalf of our franchise, and his views certainly don’t reflect those of our organization.”

  • reddit15mw

    Unpopular opinion, but we are all taking his comments slightly out of context. I think Chamath comes off as a huge dick in this article, and during his actual podcast, but he’s not really wrong. He was basically saying that because no one is actually *DOING* anything to help the Uyghurs and others it is disingenuous to say that we all care so much about it. He’s just straight forward unfortunately, which makes him come off as heartless.

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