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German soldiers held in America cry after watching footage of concentration camp

German soldiers held in America cry after watching footage of concentration camp

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  • Island_Monkey86

    I think something which is often overlooked, is that there those, who didn’t want to go and fight. But there were severe consequences for those, who refused to go. Including death.

    Just like in modern day’s, not everyone supported the same political party and there were many (not enough) who didn’t want and even warned, about Hitler coming to power.

  • Codeandcoffee

    Man there is a strong urge in this comment section to believe some of the most useless myths about the Holocaust.

    It’s really easy to believe that Germans were essentially held captive by hitler and did what the nazis wanted via threat of force.

    But the fact is, it’s much much more complicated than that, which is what makes the Holocaust so interesting.

    At a high level, most Germans knew what was happening and most supported it.

    Many of the people committing evil acts either –

    had the choice not to (plenty examples of soldiers on the eastern front not participating in the slaughter of Jews with 0 repercussions)

    Excuses their participation in the Holocaust via the logic of “following orders”

    Or just outright supported the killings as long as they did not impact their day to day life.

    And that’s what is so scary about the whole thing.

    It’s not a story if extraordinarily evil men, but rather about the potential for evil that lives in all of us.

  • Spartan2470

    [Here]( is a less cropped version of this image. [Here]( is the source. Per there:

    > German prisoners of war are forced to watch an atrocity film on German concentration camps.

    > Original caption reads:
    Deutsche Kriegsgefangene in amerikanischen Lagern sehen den Filmbericht über Deutsche Konzentrationslager

    > [German prisoners of war held in an American camp watch a film about German concentration camps.]

    > Photo Credit
    United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Joseph Eaton

  • The_moriden

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  • calash2020

    Hitler made no secret of his intentions for the Jewish people
    Having mentioned that, when your whole country goes to war it is easy to see how ordinary people can be swept into the nightmare.

  • MessyWetness

    There’s an interesting documentary called The Final Account that interviewed surviving Nazi Wermacht and SS servicemen.

    Basically, the Wermacht soldiers (who were part of the regular army), knew something was up, but didn’t know the extent of it. The SS men knew and participated, with some fighting avidly against it in their old age, and some who still hold onto the belief.

    After watching it, I don’t doubt that some of these men are legitimately upset after watching the footage since most of the German POWs served in the regular Wermacht army.

  • mummyoftwoxx

    There was a documentary on BBC 4 (uk) about the holocaust called final accounts and they interviewed former ss members and witnesses to it all. It was a mixture of them refusing to believe it ever happened, they are still loyal to hitler and refuse to believe that the nazis were a criminal organisation and just didn’t care what happened. A few were remorseful and regret fully of being part of the SS. It shouldn’t have been shocking it was to hear it.

  • GojiraBlowFlames

    **Right Wing Propaganda had them believing their mission was noble, that they were the good guys while they committed the most atrocious acts against their fellow human beings.**

    This same phenomenon is happening right here right now on our soil with the Right Wing’s Propagandizing of the Trump Jan 6th attempted violent coup of our Democracy as somehow being “just” and “patriotic”.

    Right Wing Propaganda is a force for evil. Always has been.

  • robin-bunny

    Some were on board with the c.c. program, but many weren’t. But when you’re drafted, or a reservist in a country that was allied with Germany for historic reasons, it doesn’t mean you automatically agree with nazi philosophy. My grandfather had to fight in that side, while hiding his Jewish wife and infant son. I have no idea what can go on in a person’s head in that situation. You’re supposed to fight to win, but if you desperately don’t want your side to win, and quitting the military would have YOU killed, then what? Many of those soldiers were not Newcastle nazis at heart, or didn’t fully comprehend the program.

    If you’ve seen the sound of music: the family is Austrian. They escaped before the war, because Capt VonTrapp refused to fight for the German side. I’m sure there were many who put their head in the sand or waited too long to leave, and had to fight on the German side.

  • Dangerous_Biscotti63

    every time this is posted i point out there is no one crying in that picture, they are looking away and avoid being confronted.

  • blenderdead

    The clean Wehrmacht is an evil lie meant to absolve criminals of their crimes. A large portion of German war crimes were committed by regular soldiers and they were fully aware of the other crimes.

  • EricP51

    Imagine going to war, watching your friends get killed, enduring horrific conditions, day in and day out. Constantly suffering. And then you survive to find out that this was the cause you fought for and this was what your government and some of your countrymen were doing. Those sacrifices will be lost in time.

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