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Game innovation from 1992 to 2007 compared to 2007 to 2022

Game innovation from 1992 to 2007 compared to 2007 to 2022

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  • Jackot45

    Obviously visible innovation slows down as it progresses more. We’re getting closer and closer to realism, meaning the step will feel incrementally smaller each year as opposed to going from pixel art to ‘realistic graphics’.

    However I do agree to the fact that the game industry feels like it has kind of stalled, the past few years. But honesty so has the rest of the world, corona hasn’t been very nice for any industry. Since red dead 2 and god of war in 2018, I’ve yet to see anything like it.

  • Nottodayreddit1949

    There is more to innovation than graphics.

    Sometimes innovation isn’t wanted or needed. Pathfinder wrath of the righteous is just another CRPG in the same vein as Baldur’s gate. But just like I always need a new book to read, I always need a new RPG to play. There are obviously enhancements when comparing the two, but both scratch that itch for my hobby. They took a tried and true product that they love, and made their own.

    Our hobbies are here to entertain us, not simply innovate for the sake of innovating.

  • Goof512

    Recently Yahtzee from The Escapist made an argument that we’ve actually passed the golden era of video gaming, and that we have now entered a sort of “silver age” that keeps trying to riff on the ideas presented in the golden age.

    Newer IPs look like older ones with modifications. The most popular franchises are, for the most part, riffing on ideas from the 2000-2010 region.

    And newer IP isn’t really coming to the AAA space very often any more.

  • Bakdosh

    We had some giant leaps on level design, writing, storytelling, sound, auxiliary systems (mocap, particules, physics, scripting / programming language and interfaces), VR, giant monitors, digital frontstores, cloudsaves, game related education and better tools so creators can make and directly market their games / work. So, yeah pretty much nothing happened during the last 15 years. IA are still as stupid as stupidity, though.

  • ZazaB00

    Honestly, technology progressed so fast from 1992 to 2007. Once we started getting 3D worlds with something close to realistic, it’s just been “how close can we get to that uncanny valley” now. That’s a much harder ask as developers strive for realism in gaming. That’ll take at least another decade+ before that happens.

    That’s why I like games like Valheim, beautiful aesthetically, taking many things that make modern games stand out, but finding its own style. Borderlands is another good example.

    Personally, when tree leaves bend, I’ll know graphics can’t get any better.

  • Wonderbread452

    As a gaming photographer the small realistic graphic details are most important… so the latest and greatest for me please.

  • MichaelRoco1

    bruh 2016 had BF1 show that. like 10 trillion things happening all at once, with like 100 players all going at it in online multiplayer. don’t show some generic screen shot of the ground in CoD lmao

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