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French Open Men’s Semi-Final interrupted by a climate activist

French Open Men’s Semi-Final interrupted by a climate activist

French Open Men’s Semi-Final interrupted by a climate activist from sports

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  • Eveelution07

    How do I get the everyman to support my cause ?

    Hmm I know, I’ll protest in a way that disrupts his life and ruins the things he likes ! That’ll work.

    I remember a few years ago there was a protest group in the UK ( I think about father’s rights or something) who protested by just standing on roofs.

    Dangerous enough to warrant attention, whilst not fucking with regular people

    Edit : the group was called Father’s 4 justice if you want to see what I’m talking about.

  • KO4Champ

    Looking past the protest part of this, handcuffing yourself to the net is just a dumb move. They can literally just change the net in a few minutes and drag you in the back. Personally, I’d go for the offical’s big chair. Much more difficult to get you out of there.

  • thegeorgianwelshman

    The way this shot refuses to show below her waist, and the squirmy wiggle she effects, made me think that she had shat on the court.

    But just a routine handcuffing?

    C’est dommage.

  • ilovefignewtons02

    If you’re really upset by this you’re self reporting that you think sports (totally made up and doesn’t matter 99% of the time) are more important than the planet you actually live on (actually important and something you need)

  • LabCool6003

    How Ruud. It probably is better for the climate that she’ll be sitting in a jail cell instead of driving a car for a bit though.

  • jsting

    No one here understands French culture when it comes to protesting. The French will protest anything. This is barely an inconvenience for both parties involved and her point is made.

    Edit: French protests are part of their culture. What she’s doing is not weird or a waste of time. If you understand why TX loves rodeos despite not being modern cowboys, you should understand French people publicly protesting things that bother them.

  • YeetGod11011

    They need to do better, this type of stuff will be forgotten next week. I say do something crazy like fuck up field or break something important. Make those fuckers who don’t pay attention remember

  • philosolondon

    If we stopped using fossil fuels the world would implode. Way too much stuff world wide relys on it. I’d tell you to grow a brain but obviously you enjoy ignoring blatant facts. Another blatant fact… nuclear should be the BFF of every alleged “green” activist. Nothing compares.

  • Indianajones1989

    What inspiring changes did she suggest? I assume also she lives off the land deep in the woods and those clothes aren’t hers she just borrowed them to do this.

  • dd_coeus

    Shouldn’t she be protesting in China, the world’s #1 carbon emitter? Nah that would make too much sense. Instead let’s protest in France, you know, the country with the climate accords. Hell, why not in the US, the contry with the most rapid decrease in carbon output in 5 years and matches the same carbon output from 1992.

    Grandstanding at a sporting event for a better social credit score. You can’t write comedy this ironic.

  • Sad-Commercial-5738

    A protest like this, in my opinion, should take place in a proper location. And one of them is not a sports stadium.

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