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Found part of my childhood while cleaning the house

Found part of my childhood while cleaning the house

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  • moralhazard333

    Pokemon TCG Gameboy game was actually an AWESOME game. It took a game that I always wanted to play “seriously” and created a world in which that was feasible and fun.

    There is a translated ROM of Pokemon TCG 2 that I played a few years ago out there somewhere for anyone that wants to catch lightning in a bottle a second time.

  • N3M3S1S357

    Hell yeah! I still have my Gameboy Color Pikachu edition with a Gameboy camera. Can’t find my copy of Yellow though. 🙁

  • NotKittensItsChicken

    Warioland was such a gem. Took literal years of my childhood to find all those treasures, but I got my fucking castle from that asshole genie, thank you very much.

  • HeadphonedEscape

    You mean your entire childhood? I never liked Pokemon back then. I only played Red, and never looked back. Never saw why it was interesting

  • UnleashYourMind462

    Lol I never understand how people don’t know where their stuff is. I’m 34 and know exactly where my GameBoy Color and PS1 and PS2, and all the games to go with each are.

  • AlleyCa7

    Sucks that most copies of silver and gold can’t be played anymore. The internal battery that keeps the in game clock tracked dies and prevents saves from persisting after you turn off the gameboy.

  • TheInconspicuousTard

    My younger brother has a DS with a copy of almost every version of Pokémon in his closet, I’ve been so tempted to bust it out and play some of the older ones…one of my earliest memories when we were kids was how unbelievably fucking livid I was when I got home off the school bus to find he had been playing my Pokémon Yellow, and HE FUCKING SAVED OVER ALL MY PROGRESS. Fuck

    Now that he’s gone, I leave it all alone out of respect. Maybe one day I’ll start a new game and see how far I take it, as long as I’m alive though those saves aren’t going anywhere.

  • keksmuzh

    Damn, same color GBAs my sister and I had (I still have them both for occasions Crystal Chronicles multiplayer)

  • ImaginaryInterest599

    Pokemon red! That was my pokemon! Is that a gameshark?! That was the holy grail of gamers!

    See kids, the gameshark is what we used to cheat at games BEFORE the days of the internet!

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