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Forspoken Review

How many people here have played Forspoken? My husband bought the game for me because the magic looked cool and I’m always interested in anything with magic. I have to say, I’m at a weird point now where I’m approximately 32 hours in and I’m finding it challenging to finish the game for lots of reasons. For anyone who has finished it, is it worth it for the story? Also no spoilers please. I just beat the 2nd boss.

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  • Geologist-Living

    Game is boring towards the end, story just begins to predictable and it still suffers with the engine making physical attacks unstifying despite built for physics which for his game is for the particles and travesal and nothing else with the physics. What is worst is how much of slog to go through statues explaining the story and wait it all out, and then the DLC gives new abilities but it is a spin off already what you got and again a terrible story.

    Like FF15 it is clear it has content removed, but much more content removed with a skeleton of a game and crap story thown in. It is such a shame but I am guessing what happened is in mid development had to change the game to the current character and story, the devs and people working on it gave up and put as little effort they can to get out.

    I’ll even bet some of the higher ups at the company are glad it got dissolved as it meant no longer dealing with the terrible management at square enix and being forced to go put up the ESG score vs putting out a quality game.

  • ckracken

    Fromage thé third boss to thé end thé lore is really Bad + a lot of gameplay problems+ a Map without much, fight easy but long because ennemy have too much health ans easy paterns

  • Zakon4048

    I feel like recommending a game with cool magic and casting, since most folks already kindsa told you what you wanted to know… but I’m a dumb sword and board kind of guy in most everything I play.

    I HAVE played Wizards/Mages in a couple ARPGs though, POE and Diablo 3… If you don’t mind the top down view and the actual gameplay of ARPGs, I’d bet you’d enjoy it. … I remember playing LoD Hydra, Tal Rasha Meteor, and the old Firebird’s after the rework in Diablo 3… Good Times feeling like a god taking low levels through my rifts.

  • Grundkurs_

    I remember watching the first trailer, a friendly voice from an invisible actor appeared and the main character said instantly “show yourself, asshole!”
    It was so grotesque writing, why would someone instantly start insulting someone else in a conversation without any real reason?

    I knew this game must be trash

  • MathiasCrownTwig

    I couldn’t really get into it but my big sis loves it for some reason and even she hated how the story ended. She’s part of the very niche group of people who actually like Forspoken.

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