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  • International_Body44

    I just don’t get the Newton thing you know, well think about it. Was there no such thing as a falling object before the apple hit him?

    People just jump and never come back down, I mean why was that the catalyst for his discovery?

    I reckon he thought of it while completing some kinky sex act, and just couldn’t face the embarrassment when asked, and just spat out the first thing he seen. “It was an apple, yea that will do, an apple..”

  • gringledoom

    There appears to be a sideways component to the motion of this falling piano, which means it is not an innocently falling piano! It was deliberately flung!

  • AssortedFlavours

    What I find intriguing about this incident is that the grand piano was supposedly first constructed in 1720, almost 80 years after this occurred!

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