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Euphoria – Season 2 Episode 2 – “Love Yourself” scene

Euphoria – Season 2 Episode 2 – “Love Yourself” scene

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  • Lonely_Pirate_787

    I’ve been wondering what Euphoria is for a while. I’ve heard it described as a US Skins but this clip doesn’t seem like that. Although I liked the message this scene was sending.

    I don’t suffer from depression but I have a low opinion of myself. Generic advice like love yourself is meaningless. In my case, I will only ever gain high self esteem if I get a better job. I’m way too old to be working the job I’m in.

  • TheJoshider10

    What I love about Euphoria is even if I lose interest in some of the storylines or melodrama, from a technical perspective the show is so well made that it’s always engaging to watch.

    That said I hope if they keep the show going that they move to a university setting. The actors are the perfect age for it compared to high school where they’re laughably too old for the setting. It’s so jarring seeing these house parties in expensive houses with no parents and hardcore drugs, just set it in university where it feels far more realistic and less Hollywood.

  • supadupathoed

    I binge watched the show this weekend (and liked it) and can safely say, this was the worst scene in the entire show. Felt like one of those videos they show us in health class in high school

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