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Dying Light 2 floating tree bug and missing ladder.

Dying Light 2 floating tree bug and missing ladder.

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  • rndomguy7

    I also been trying to beat the VNC tower mission when I noticed this bug. Also, it prevents me from completing the mission because it blocked off where the objective is. I got close to the objective and there was nothing there. When I press continue the game from the main menu, the place where it loads me into the game is when I lost all my health from falling or something.

    Is there a fix for this? I am actually stuck and can’t progress at all. I have been playing on xbox one x. Thanks.

  • raziel686

    Hmm hope I don’t run into this one. For the most part the bugs I encountered were minor, the worst being a dead nightrunner bed (activated but cant use anything).

    As for this, do you have any old saves before the tower mission? You could try loading one of those. There was a patch today so maybe the glitch won’t happen.

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