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Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century

Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century

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  • petermaleh

    Same complaint all the time: not walkable. But in fact there are endless options to walk. Of course the highway: no! like any other city, you cannot walk the highways. This city cannot be compared to a Northern European cities with tempered weather and narrower streets.

  • Zanair

    Not to defend Dubai, but it does have a municipal sewage system and the Burj Khalifa is connected to it- that system is just a bit shit and gets overloaded often, in which case the poop trucks come out.

  • ahradh

    I freaking hate it when people travel to countries where modern slavery is taking place and throw money at the exploiters

  • cocopuffdaddy1

    I admit this video has some merits, but a lack of walkable infrastructure in the city center is not one of them. It’s consistently 40C/105F in the summers. There is no need for walkable infrastructure because no one is willing to go anywhere without air conditioning when the sun is out.

  • TheRealQubes

    Hadn’t seen it before, but glad others are seeing through the shambolic farce that is Dubai and the Emirates. Nothing would make me happier than seeing tourists and sporting governing bodies turn their backs on them all.

  • Auldan

    Dubai is a place that when I look at it in pics im just repulsed. To think of how many modern day slaves were hurt or killed just to make a place thats sole existence is to show off wealth to tourists

  • ImALoserNotAWinner

    Fuck U.A.E.! Supported and financed the 9/11 WTC terrorist attack yet faced no consequences! They use and abuse immigrants that are treated like slaves! Their women have no rights! Fuck them scumbags fucks!


    no one can understand the UAE until they work and live there, and when i say work, i mean normal jobs and live in a normal place, not like where big companies from teh UK or USA send their expats.

    no one will tell u, how u can’t sit on a balcony because of the weather, no one can explain the smell in abu dhabi, no one explains the sand and the lizzards in ur house in Al ain.

    they also won’t tell u about the cockroaches, and how the muni has to spray the allies weekly and u can’t walk there after it since the ground will be a sea of dead roaches.

    they won’t tell u how the apartement u got will break down in weeks or months since the contracts are given to the lowest bidding contractor.

    no one can tell u many things about how horrible life was there for me, Dubai is amazing if u go to visit or have a vacation, but stick around a while, try to make a living there and find out.

  • Summonest

    If I were being taken as a slave I would simply kill my slaver.

    How can people tolerate their lives being taken over without a fight?

  • AMirrorForReddit

    When I think of Dubai I think:

    1. Justin Beiber doing stripdancing for the suadi king.
    2. Justin Beiber getting tickets for running red lights

  • bombayblue

    My buddy once described a city he visited as “just feeling evil” and I found that such a bizarre way to describe an entire city where obviously there are a wide variety of things and people.

    Then I worked in Dubai and I understood.

  • pripyaat

    IMHO the video mentions a couple of fair points but the narrator explicitly saying he “f*cking hates Dubai” is not a proper way to present it. It makes everything you heard up to that point sound extremely biased by his personal opinion and emotions.

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