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Dr. Brian Sutterer – Explaining the Donald Parham Injury, and Addresses Joe Buck’s Ridiculous Commentary.

Dr. Brian Sutterer – Explaining the Donald Parham Injury, and Addresses Joe Buck’s Ridiculous Commentary.

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  • Accomplished-Bar-988

    If you’re his doctor, I think you’d be facing serious consequences for that statement. I am not trying to be rude, but when my brother was tragically paralyzed, the doctors wouldn’t share ANY information without permission, which I’m assuming is not the case here since his family / team hasn’t even given an update.

  • thisismyusernameAMA

    No one has ever got paid more to be this horrible at their job. Joe Buck is an absolute clown show who seems to be universally hated and rightfully so

  • Accomplished-Bar-988

    Dr. Sutterer’s commentary video is spot on. It’s the person who commented on it (now deleted) that said he was Parham’s doctor who did surgery on him that I was questioning. My comment would have made much more sense if he hadn’t deleted the post. I’m a Chiefs fan and have to say that my heart sank when I watched this. The fencing position shouldn’t last more than 5 minutes so seeing him on that stretcher brought a flood of emotions. My brother became a quadriplegic at 16 and I truly hate seeing injuries that could be so traumatic. At that point, I was not a Chief’s fan…I was a human being whose heart went out to him. Truly hope he recovers fully.

  • jon98gn

    I was at the game and on the far side of the stadium. The fact that I could see his arms stuck in that posture, I knew instantly that he was in bad shape and concussed, even though it didn’t look like there was much contact from the hit or his catch. Most of the other fans appeared confused to his injury because there was not really any contact from any other players. I explained to them that he went into a fencing pose, it was not good, and he was at the bare minimum concussed.

  • TheTimeIsChow

    Not a fan of Joe. But his hands were tied here.

    From what you hear, broadcasters are strictly prohibited by the NFL for mentioning anything that has to do with concussions, or brain injuries, while broadcasting. It’s a major no no.

    The NFL is fine with showing replays of head injuries and players getting subsequently carted off the field. Really feeds on the publics interest and drives views. We love that shit.

    But the second the topic of brain injury is spoken? … “Woah woah… that’s not what you were looking at.”

  • Scfbigb1

    I can’t stand Joe Buck as much as the next person, and I’d love for him to retire. But I’m not going to slam the guy for trying to be optimistic to people listening to the broadcast while the camera people show dude having a mild seizure to the entire country. What else could he say?

    “Well he is shaking now, probably paralyzed for life”

    Plenty of reasons to bash Buck, but this one isn’t it folks.

  • RoninSoul

    So how come Rugby players don’t have nearly as many injuries, and hardly any serious ones in comparison to American football? Is it technique? Force applied? The armor? All of the above??

  • fenriswolff

    The NFL has bad CTE news once a week it seems. How ethical is it for us as fans to watch this now that we know what it does to its players? It uses men up and discards them like trash. See Mike Webster.

  • bittereve

    That’s the problem when you’re paid to talk. You dont always have anything useful to say so you think you can just fill the dead air with a free flow of thoughts. Sometimes silence is the best thing.

  • ImProbablyGayTBH

    I missed Joe Bucks comments in real time. Seeing the reactions to them made them out to be worse than they were I think.

    What upset me more watching it live was how long the camera stayed zoomed in on his face. Split second decisions are not easy, but if they can shift away from a fan flipping the bird, they should have been able to get away from that shot well before they did. That really irked me, and still does.

  • Ace_twizzy

    All the NFL announcers SUCK ass hard, usually watch em all on mute even watched one in Spanish which was AWESOME, sooo much excitement.

    NFL or whoever hire these people need to go off of experience but more importantly voice an enthusiasm like Pat McAfee would be a killer announcer

  • Aj993232

    Had a terrible concussion as a kid falling on the back of my head from about 10 feet up causing my brain to bleed. After watching this video I’m very glad and lucky that this didn’t happen to me. Hoping for a speedy recovery

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