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Don’t shit on kids just because they like something different.

Don’t shit on kids just because they like something different.

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  • TwerkInTheShower

    This is very fair however I still think recent titles use more exploitative practices such as microtrasactions to abuse the fact that their playerbase is young and impressionable

  • Tenocticatl

    Enjoy, sure. But the rise of “enter through the gift shop” games that obfuscate the costs of things while agressively marketing to kids is kind of a problem.

  • schwarzerwind

    Was playing Colecovision when it was current, and currently play Fortnite with all 3 kids AND my wife. Same house squads matches are fun. Be open to things. There’s a ton of fan service in Fortnite for us older gamers. Would love to see an A-Team Collab w Mr. T and the boys.

  • chadmance

    Even Minecraft was hated by many people. In 2025 probably Fortnite community would say “Fortnite is good and I am glad I grew up playing it but this game is overrated.” And the list continues over and over….

  • its_FBI

    i am speaking just for myself here but i think a lot of people share my sentiments.
    When we make memes like “So glad I grew up playing this, and not this” We arent shitting on the kids for what they play, we shit on the game devs who are now treating their players like milk cows. Im glad i grew up playing COD4 and then BF:BC and not COD vanguard and 2042 because one is a art made with passion, the other is a product made to maximize profit. Not because i feel superior to the children now who might enjoy games that I don’t.

  • DrManowar8

    Liking one game when I was younger and eventually branching off has made me like so many games… I’m now in an endless loop of destiny 2

  • fluffyplayery

    In a few years we’re gonna start seeing “So glad I grew up with Fortnite instead of ___” memes and I’m not sure I’m emotionally prepared for that.

  • measter85

    The problem isn’t the game itself. The problem is microtransactions and the psychological damage it’s causing. Kids get bullied for not having the latest skins etc. It’s horrible.

  • arlondiluthel

    Both of these categories are freaking kids. I grew up with an o.g. GameBoy, playing a few seconds at a time between the street lights in the back seat of the car.

  • Another_Road

    Hearing people say they grew up with Minecraft makes me feel so damn old.

    I still remember hearing about it for the first time on the TF2 blog.

  • Nixher

    The fact that minecraft is the new floor for gaming makes me feel old, I remember when snes was the “I grew up with this” item.

  • ItsaVonnTrap

    When I was a kid, I played a lot of games that were “simple.” I played a lot of games that were “dumb.” I played a lot of games that my parents and adults didn’t “get.” I loved them all because I was gaming! We should be connecting through our passions; not gatekeeping to feel superior.

  • Moveless

    Man, People getting Nostalgic about Minecraft REALLY makes me feel old. We all didn’t grow up on renting games from blockbuster for our SNES?

  • HopeAuq101

    I always find it silly that people are like “Oh im glad I grew up with x and not *whats popular today*” like..I grew up in the 00s and it didn’t stop me watching stuff from the 70s and 80s

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