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Dog and chick assisted parking

Dog and chick assisted parking

Dog and chick assisted parking from funny

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  • orefat

    The rear windshield is dusty, and the Škoda doesn’t come with a wiper? Not a problem if you have a fluffy dog’s tail to dust things off.

    This video was put together by Jandl Bratislava Slovak. For extra comedic punch, it also features a cover of Iggy Pop’s 1977 song The Passenger.

    The commercial also talks about a rabble. If you buy at COOP Jednota worth at least 15 euros, you stand a chance to win 6 VW Golf R-Line cars, 60 Piaggio scooters and 30 bicycles.
    Car in commercial: Škoda 100.
    Made for: Coop Jednota, Slovakia.

  • leckmir

    As with the Chantix turkey ad’s, if all ad’s were that entertaining and creative nobody would mute or skip them. And as with the Chantix turkey ad’s I have no idea what they were advertising so perhaps my point is moot.

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