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do any of you remember ‘ecco the dolphin’?

do any of you remember ‘ecco the dolphin’?

do any of you remember ‘ecco the dolphin’? from gaming

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  • Songshiquan0411

    I didn’t play the first one, I rented the second one Tides of Time. I think I made it to the second boss but man was it hard.

  • Looks_Good_In_Hats

    Yeah, I remember starting the game, swimming around for 5 minutes and turning the game off because I had no idea what to do. I never played the game again.

  • Skippnl

    Yes it was most relaxed way to get stressed out by a game till this day. 5 year old me could handle that shit. It was glorious.

  • Ghostly_Fireball

    I didn’t know you could jump over that first land mass, so I stayed in the tiny starting zone and thought it was a game about being a dolphin and swimming around. My mind was blown the first time I saw someone jump and continue the game.

    Didn’t play it much, but I’m ashamed to say I rented it more than once. IT JUST LOOKED SO COOL


    I never played the genesis ones, but I loved it on Dreamcast. I remember at the time being blown away by how good it looked.

  • Zargark

    I remember playing this when I was like six and being terrified of most of it. Then I played it last year for nostalgia and getting frustrated about how hard it was. I guess I was just used to games being harder.

  • TheUpperHand

    First time I played the game — in the opening when all of a sudden the entire biomass of your home gets sucked up, I freaked the fuck out, turned it off, and didn’t touch it again for a while.

  • nicsaweiner

    The inspiration for this game is fascinating. Some guy who was really into drugs and had a lot of money became convinced that dolphin human communication was possible so he set up a series of experiments. The guy really went off the deep end into some wild conspiracy theories before loosing his money and funding for the project. Here’s a quote for you:

    “There exists a cosmic coincidence control center (CCCC) with a galactic substation called galactic coincidence control (GCC). Within GCC is the solar system control unit (SSCU), within which is the earth coincidence control office (ECCO).” -John C Lilly

    Yup, that’s where the name ecco comes from. It’s also why the game is about aliens abducting your fellow sentient dolphin pod members.

    edit: watch [this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UziFw-jQSks) if you want to know more.

  • kkeiper1103

    I was terrified of the Vortex. I played Tides of Time and watching it destroy the Asterite traumatized me.

    Also, Tube of Medusa has a rocking music track. Listen to it.

  • acidmonkey

    Games like this would have had a completely different reception if they came out when the internet existed.

    So many old games had terrible new user experiences and tutorials and were nearly impossible without some sort of strategy guide. The frustration of hitting a blocker and having no clue how to get past it and no way of finding out caused a lot of people to just quit games entirely.

  • MetalSharkPlayer3

    As a kid I’ve seen the commercials but never played it. It took me until my mid 30’s to play the game on my ps3 in a sega game pack. I did not realize how hard this game is. I did manage to beat it and man did it make me work for it. Overall I really enjoyed the gameplay, story, and aesthetics (this game has aged very well).

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