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Digital media is nice and all but it doesn’t beat physical media! Who’s with me?

Digital media is nice and all but it doesn’t beat physical media! Who’s with me?

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  • SentientDumpster

    I just dont like plastic clutter. Maybe a special edition or two from IPs that are special to me, but thats about all i care to own.

  • ViridiusRDM

    They both have their merit.
    To me, I’m in favor of physical but still build a largely digital collection. Paying for a license that can be revoked at any time is definitely a risk, but I’m not one to engage in hatemail or anything of the sort so the risk level is low and I’ll take those chances. Plus, digital sales are more accessible with the niche games I like being more readily available for cheap.

    But that’s just my reason for swaying on the digital side. Both are valid.

  • ricardo9505

    You obviously don’t live in apartment with other ppl. As a kid I loved games cause we’d go to lunch at school and trade games to borrow

  • Disprezzi

    Give me all digital. I hate having to pack and unpack tons of shit. Digital works quite well with my spartan lifestyle and makes moving a fuck ton easier.

  • decrementsf

    Nah. Entertainment industry had a trained population willing to pay for movies already owned to jump from VHS to DVD. They flew too close to the sun by jumping too quick to BluRay, with a price hike. If BluRay were provided at similar price point to DVD then physical media could remain the normal expectation of the public. But they raised the price point. That raise in price point tipped preferences toward digital media as the better experience and eroded prior habits around physical media.

    Go back 100 years to examine advance of technology. Increase in quality of life came from improving technology, becoming cheaper and more accessible. The 1990s-2010s period tried to shake off this trend with gatekeepers behavior petulant and entitled in the face of emergence of information technology technology jumps. Their actions confused and splintered their previously captured market.

    Good case studies for MBA programs.

  • minotaur05

    I’m a big fan of physical media foe things I love. Digital is fine for ‘meh’ things like OK movies or video games. Definitely worried about thia move towards paying to rent/borrow games and movies on services rather than owning them yourself.

  • FocusInfamous8793

    No. It’ll cost too much to have physical copies of all games I have or have played and I’d need to build à hangar to store all. Definitely a fan of digital media.

  • Awful_Art_Abigail

    I used to think that, but it’s soooo nice not having to get up lol

    I do still try and collect my favorites thought, just because you never know!

  • TheMansAnArse

    Digital for me. Convenient to buy, doesn’t take up space, no risk of losing it to theft/fire/damage.

    The latter is the central point on the whole “ownership” thing. An “owned” game isn’t worth much after a friend returns it scratched, your kid stands on it, it gets lost when moving house or is lost to fire or theft.

  • stuzz74

    Nope, my last generation on media was dvd and PS3. From PS4 I went fully digital games and movies, to me I love the clean lines on no media everywhere, no borrowing games and not getting them back, no changing discs.

  • Hanzo_The_Ninja

    Switch cartridges have a lifespan of about 20 years or so, Blu-Ray doesn’t have enough capacity to distribute AAA games anymore, DLC is becoming increasingly common, and the vast majority of games *require* bug fixes and other patches after release. As much as it pains me to say it — and it really does, physical media has its merits — I think the industry is outgrowing physical media.

  • Zero_to_Oblivion

    I gained a large digital Games collection through PS3 and PS4, but when I got to PS5 I had to rethink due to the limited capacity of the PS5 and expensive cost of SSDs.

    I’m thankful I did, because I’ve found that a lot of games brand new in store are cheaper than they are on the PSN store!

  • Philcycles84

    Physical for the important games. Your zeldas, your uncharted, your metal gear solid.

    Digital for games like need for speed and call of duty.

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