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Damn, Truebill out for blood on the gamer ads…

Damn, Truebill out for blood on the gamer ads…

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  • AmbroseRotten

    – makes at *least* $176,892/year (and that’s to break even).

    – lives in mom’s basement

    Edit, yeah my math was dumb and the math assumes they’re gonna get a Galactic Battlecruisr and 9 fillings each month, but I think it’s safe to assume they’re spending money on *something* each month and that there will be surprise expenses.

  • -TheDerpinator-

    People really underestimate the sheer power of the spreadsheet. I couldn’t care less about your fancy-pancy graphs Truebill.

    EDIT: Also, why would anyone trust someone to manage their money when they cannot spell “management”.

  • AnotherCupofJo

    My wife had a friend who would pay someone to talk to her geckos and tell her what they needed and wanted. They all died.

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