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*cough cough*

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  • PortaAlchemica

    Ahh yes, overwatch and their obvious stereotypes. If I see another Egyptian sniper, or Gorilla scientist, I’m gonna be pissed.

  • frostybunbun

    To be honest this was just a comic I made about the lack of Asian rep outside of China, Korea and Japan. It gets frustrating to see the same stereotypes of the same 3 nationalities in every game. Especially when there are so many others that have really cool cultures… 🤷‍♀️

  • deanykg

    Very important that they aren’t _too_ Asian so that white girls can still cosplay them without getting in trouble.

  • Skeptic_spacewhale

    Make games for your audience – by extension, exclude everyone you don’t consider to be your audience, and those excluded will never become your audience.

    But if nobody is excluded then it’s a community of everyone on Earth…

  • SharpEdgeSoda

    …How did Team Fortress 2 end up less stereotypical than Overwatch?

    I think the only cartoonish stereotype is the Medic being “Nazi Scientist” and Heavy is “Beeg Russian Strongman” but everyone else is …still over the top and insane but not much for like, “Oh I know this trope.”

    There’s no “Black Scottish Cyclops Demo Man” trope.

  • Neo-Skater

    The comic: *criticizes poor Asian rep*
    People when they see a comment adding on to said criticism of Asian rep: *downvote*

    Never change, Reddit.

    (Edit: This is not a blanket statement, but one example of this happening is one too many.)

  • kasp600e

    That is diversity, in lol we only gotten e-boy, e-girl and moster with sexy face, on repeat over the last like 5 years

  • MyStationIsAbandoned

    “uh oh they’re starting to see through us…quick make one of them gay as an after thought with no actual consideration for creating a character who happens to be gay. but make sure they aren’t too gay so we can keep selling in China.”

  • Hwerttytttt

    Well I mean, if a game’s gonna make a samurai or ninja character, people are gonna be outraged if that character ain’t Japanese too… so… is there no winning?

  • Undaedalus

    I see what you are doing here. But the entire game is future themed. The overwhelming majority of the characters use some kind of future technology, super science, or both.

  • Who-Dey_KY

    Companies only care about that sweet $$$, and what’s even more popular than trendy liberal buzzwords like diversity and inclusion? Sex. Sex will always sell.

  • Alexexy

    How the fuck is having Japanese and Chinese people aapi representation? AAPI representation would be someone like Awkwafina or Eddie Huang, aka actual Asian AMERICANS.

    Saying someone like Jackie Chan is good AAPI representation is stupid as fuck since homie isn’t even Asian American and only enforces the idea that Asians belong in Asia.

    Rant over.1

  • dariusz2k

    Apex Legends is like “Here’s a trans pansexual asexual robot that used to be a mixed first generation immigrant from Switzerland, but now identifies as someone from Finland.”

  • NerdyHexel

    Don’t forget:
    – Russian with big muscles
    – German Doctor
    – German Techy
    – White American with southern accent or is just a cowboy

  • Darkthunder1992

    This take is idiotic

    Yes champions are caricatures of their cultures

    But this does not boil down to Asian ones.

    As long as Americans are gi Joe’s and cowboys.
    As long as Russians have a shitty accent and make bear jokes
    As long as Germans like beer and the citys look like Bavaria
    There is no issue.

    They simply code characters based on global perception of the respective countries.

    What would be your preferred alternative?

    Bob from accounting, a normal dude without any over the top indicators of heritage what so ever in a game where the global representation is the goal, seems to be a stupid choice.

    He’ll look at rainbow6 or fucking team fortress.

  • rsatrioadi

    What’s the alternative, though? If the ninja is white it will be called cultural appropriation. If the Japanese is a boxer it’s westernization.

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