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Confronting your own countrymen during wartime.

Confronting your own countrymen during wartime.

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  • Nervous_Fix7426

    “What happened there was an American nightmare”

    I’m pretty sure it was a Vietnamese living hell. The military tried to cover it up and the press didn’t want to touch it. The worst part is how many other similar incidents were covered up. Use of chemical weapons, bombs, and executions against Vietnamese civilians [was pretty much SOP](

  • charest

    It’s not a nightmare; it’s a war crime. Tell it like it is. Show the wives and children of those soldiers what they have done. Force them to dig the graves of the civilians. Court-martial those men and let them rot, for the dishonour they brought to their country.


    But no, 1 guy served 3 days in prison, all the others walked like free men, probably decorated men.

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