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Chloe | Trailer – BBC (Premieres February 6)

Chloe | Trailer – BBC (Premieres February 6)

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  • Nandy-bear

    They’re too young to take seriously (imo of course). They look like kids doing a youtube skit lambasting overly serious drama.

  • lightsongtheold

    The BBC need to pull in some younger viewers. This looks like a YA female effort. They need it though with just one in five under 24 year olds using the BBC weekly. That is a demographic time bomb. Especially with 80% of the same demo having access to Netflix!

  • Longjumping-Buy-4736

    Princess Anne was one if no my favourite character in the last two seasons of the Crown mostly thanks to Erin’s performance. She totally deserved a lead role. Glad to see her in a character that looks her age!

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