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  • Mirthil

    As a maintenance guy who is a big gamer, it is astonishing. And when they finally do something about it, they just disable the detector.

  • Animorphimagi

    I JUST had this issue early this week. I was like WTF IS MAKING THIS NOOOOISE? Found it eventually. Took out battery. Solved.

  • The_Last_Saviour

    I used to work inbound phone support for Netflix, and it was just as bad. I think some people just magically tune it out.

  • babyfarmer

    I genuinely wonder about the sanity levels of people that allow that to keep going off. It takes like thirty seconds to change the battery.

  • Necrovarius

    I work at a call center (Not a crappy Telemarketer, a good company) and I get about 3 – 5 calls a day where people have 1 or more detectors going off due to low battery.

  • Aintsosimple

    No shit. That is so damn annoying. I have a coworker how lives like that. He never changes the batteries in his smoke detectors. I have told him, they do make smoke detectors now that have 5 year batteries. But he doesn’t get them.

  • mrplow999

    Back in the ’90’s I used to listen to Love Line with Adam Carolla and Dr Drew and they commented on that nearly every night. Someone would be baring their soul about their messed up life and in the background you’d hear “chirp!”. A minute later same. When asked, most said they didn’t notice it and had no idea what they were talking about.

    It’s strange how your mind can filter out things like this. Makes you wonder what thing you’re filtering out daily. Take 5 minutes to become aware of your surroundings and be mindful of what you hear.

  • Holdin_McNeal

    Back in the day I played NBA 2k all the time. Every single person in those lobbies had a chirping smoke alarm. I’d always tell them to change it or take it out since you dont care about the potential fire. They all had no idea it was chirping. Like they were deaf to it.

  • stubept

    I have a house with an open floor plan and like a dozen smoke detectors.

    When one starts chirping – and it will ALWAYS be in the middle of the night – I have to spend 10 mins just trying to pinpoint which goddamn smoke detector is chirping.

  • jtho78

    During lockdown remote learning, teachers discovered this as well. They started calling the fire department to visit these families.

  • ElectricMan324

    There are some people that have trouble hearing tones in the high range. It can be due to age, listening to music/games too loud, or just poor general hearing.

    I was on a call with someone, and the chirping was going on. When I asked why they had not changed the battery, they said they couldn’t hear what I was talking about.

    Or they are lazy. Either one.

  • schaudhery

    Have a weekly team call for work. My team lead had to ask someone to replace the batteries because he was tired of hearing it chirp week after week.

  • nullhed

    Talking to a girl once, her smoke detector kept chirping. I asked why she didn’t change the battery, but she was so used to it she couldn’t hear it. Like people that live near trains, just tuned it out.

  • ihugfaces

    I just had to put in a call to the maintenance office of my apartment complex because the bedroom of my one bedroom apartment is directly over the garage of the vacant apartment next door.

    My complex has smoke detectors in every garage.

    My neighbor’s garage smoke detector is low on batteries and has been since Saturday morning around 3am.

    I would gladly change the batteries myself (have several spare 9v batteries) but I can’t get in to change it out!

    I sleep lightly and it has been an absolute nightmare because even with earplugs and Alexa thunderstorm sounds I can still hear that incessant chirping through it all.

    At my wits end here I don’t understand how people can just ignore that god awful chirping

  • tenmileswide

    Either by design or not, an extremely low battery smoke detector will often just activate at full blast to get your attention as if there were an actual fire.

    Change the battery because it’s not going to get better

  • Rangerman007

    I always tell people in voice chat to change their damn smoke alarm batteries. Usually the response is “huh?”, and it took me months to realize they’re not trolling me, they’ve become desensitized to the sound and don’t hear it any more. Insanity.

  • PrvtPirate

    the second i hear a chirp in a party im calling them out. and its ALWAYS an american.
    this is a problem that exists 100% on US-soil for some reason. smh

  • DrBleepBloop

    As a physicians who does some telemedicine, hearing the chirping on a call tells me a lot about the patient that they don’t otherwise volunteer.

  • SpokeyDokey_

    I live in a rather large apartment complex and every time I walk the halls on my way home, I hear it constantly from multiple neighbors’ apartments. I don’t understand how anyone can live like that.

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