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Charles Barkley plays goalie against Wayne Gretzky

Charles Barkley plays goalie against Wayne Gretzky

Charles Barkley plays goalie against Wayne Gretzky from sports

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  • Split_InfinityDarlin

    Always liked these segments where athletes who were elite in their respective sport try out a different sport and look like a deer in the headlights.

  • AlsoIHaveAGroupon

    I feel like Barkley must have played golf with Tiger Woods too, so they’re selling short his resume of playing sports against their GOATs.

  • Tuff_spuff

    Ok, so I’m going to probably sound like an absolute idiot, but I’ve watched a lot of Gretzky hockey, I was born in 88 and starting playing when I was 8 years old… so mostly kings and rangers. I’ve literally been into this sport for almost 30 years including me just watching when I was about 4-5 years old. I’m so ashamed to say this, but I was absolutely fucking blown away that Gretzky is a lefty!!! I guess I just never payed attention, but I caught myself being literally dumbfounded that I just noticed this. He’s a pretty cool guy!

  • MedicalStew911

    Gretzky might me the only true greatest ever. If he scored zero goals he’d still have the most points all time just with assists.

  • obeetwo2

    Not that I’m a hockey fan, but is there a comparable player to Gretzky in other sports?

    From what I’ve read, Gretzky was just soooo dominant in hockey and holds impossible records to beat.

  • Mickdxb

    Didn’t recognise Gretzky. Thought this was an old video and that was his dad Walter. Wow, the Great One got old. I guess I’m fighting reality. I remember his mullet and Oilers uniform on posters everywhere when I was a kid. True legend.

  • AframesStatuette

    I wish people understood and appreciated how dominant and amazing Gretzky was. He makes Jordan look pretty pedestrian by comparison, imo. Gretzky had a truly astounding career.

  • caelmikoto

    This will probably get buried but here goes.

    Fun personal story: At one point in the 90s Gretzky lived next door to my rich cousin in Bel Air. I was born in 86 and started playing hockey when I was 5. Went over to my cousins house for Thanksgiving one year and Gretzky was standing in his driveway. I was wearing a Kings shirt and was so dumbfounded I thought he was a ghost. Probably still spellbound, I went over to him and told him how cool I thought he was and he kneeled down to my level and had a full on conversation with me. Can’t remember a lot of it but he asked me my age and if I played. I told him I played roller because “mom said ice hockey is expensive.” It was Southern California so it was the truth. He gave me a high five and told me not to forget to take my shots (I know, I know, but this was about hockey and not an aphorism) and listen to my mom. Didn’t know it at the time but I probably peaked at that moment.
    TL;DR – Wayne is a class act and is a *very* cool guy.

  • grizzledvet_

    Huge football fan, part-time basketball fan, have wanted to get into hockey but haven’t dedicated the time yet. I understand why Gretzky is considered the GOAT, and I understand the points/assists thing, but as a non-hockey watcher can someone explain just why he was so good? Genuinely curious. For example, Brady is the football GOAT but not because of athletic ability, but because of dedication, accuracy and the cold-blooded mentality. What were Gretzky’s traits?

  • 3nlightenedCentrist

    One of the most incredible stats in all of sports is that Gretzky has the most points of all time by such a wide margin that even if he had never scored a single goal in his career, he would still have the most points of all time.

  • davidw1098

    You know those threads where people (like me) go on about how great athletes are great regardless of sport? Like Tom Brady being a great golfer or basketball player, or Lebron a quarterback.

    This is not one of those times.

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