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Billionaire Walmart heiress Nancy Walton’s yacht

Billionaire Walmart heiress Nancy Walton’s yacht

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  • TooMuchMapleSyrup

    There! That’s really going to ruin her day!!!

    What she going to do? Stay on that yacht just fine, or immediately buy another one just like it, and wait it out for a few days in some luxury hotel suite?

    Sounds pretty darn annoying imo.

  • ggouge

    Funny thing is the first yacht that is sunk insurance will cover it. Maybe the second yacht will also have insurance cover it. But if enough yachts sink no insurance company in the world will cover any super yachts…….

  • willk95

    I read somewhere that the combined wealth of the six Wal-Mart heirs is equal to the bottom 30% of Americans. This was over a decade ago, so it’s probably an even bigger number by now

  • rsgoto11

    The Walmart oligarchs infuriate me. Not only do they destroy small business’s, they steal money from all Americans. They get tax breaks for bringing jobs to a town and undercut local retailers until they have to close, then they raise prices. They give new employees information about government assistance when they’re hired. Think about that…..those assholes know they pay shit and use the rest of us to subsidize their employees.

  • whataver77

    Wow. Such a waste of effort. At least if they’d set fire to the yacht, they would get free room and board, with meals thrown in.

    Nancy probably didnt even hear about it, and by the time she boards the ship, it will be clean as a whistle. Not sure if its legal to have a giraffe on a boat though. I’d call the SPCA just in case.

  • SokarRostau

    The Walton family caused a stir in Australia about 10-15 years ago when they sailed over for some kind of G20 or WEF meeting attended by Bill Clinton, among other current and former world leaders.

    Clinton had Secret Service agents.

    The Waltons had their own private ‘security contractors’, including divers that did daily sweeps for bombs on the yacht, because they were afraid local authorities couldn’t protect them from assassination by a crazed Australian jealous of their wealth.

    Aside from billionaire paranoia, the reason it was so funny is because most Australians have no idea who she is. The only Walton family most Australians know, aside from the one on TV, is the one behind Walton’s department stores, which haven’t been around since the ’90s.

  • JudgeHoltman

    My new tagline for this stuff is to ask how long it should take to become a billionaire. Really helps put things into perspective.

    If you make $100k/year, you’re actually making pretty good money right? It’s gonna take you 10,000 years to earn your first billion.

    But that won’t make a dent with someone politically. We’re all not “working as hard” as those Billionaires, and therefore don’t “deserve” it right?

    So instead I ask “How long should an Astronaut have to work to become a Billionaire?” That’s gonna be about 7,000 years. Do they not work hard enough to be billionaires?

    An average NFL player making $5 Mil/year would keep playing for only 500 years to earn that first billion. Too bad their average career only lasts about 16 games over 3 seasons.

    Start listing job titles of millionaires that they respect and have them do the math. It’ll help put things in a better perspective than Millions vs Billions.

  • JeBraun

    LPT: don’t document yourself committing a crime against a person who has access to the best lawyers in the world. You’re ruining your life and probably preaching to the choir

  • SirGumbeaux

    “Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public Assistance” from Forbes.

    We subsidize Walmart’s unwillingness to have more full-time employees, and unwillingness to pay all employees a living wage. A wage that prevents them from needing public assistance to make ends meet. As long as they do this, Nancy can continue to afford these toys.

  • el_f3n1x187

    Reminder that a good chunk of walmart employees are still in need of government assistance programs.

    Their workforce has been subsided by tax dollars and the 6 heirs keep getting richer.

  • Sampson_Avard

    I agree. No one should have more than one billion. We should have 90% tax on earnings over 25 billion (pick a bomber) and a wealth tax of 90% on wealth over half a billion. Any church, like the Mormon church who have hoarded $170 billion should lose their tax exemption and the likewise taxed on their wealth

  • Otherwise_Taro_4135

    this is kinda shitty. not her fault that her family started a business and she became insanely wealthy.


    what she supposed to do?

    “sorry mom and dad, i know grandpa became a billionaire and i dont want to enjoy the nice things in life.”


    no one would do that. no one.

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