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Big Ben’s £80,000,000 new look finally unveiled after five years hidden in scaffolding!

Big Ben’s £80,000,000 new look finally unveiled after five years hidden in scaffolding!

Big Ben’s £80,000,000 new look finally unveiled after five years hidden in scaffolding!

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  • comcphee

    While it’s nice to see it shiny, highlighting that it cost us 80 million at this particular moment is probably ill-timed. Which is ironic, for a clock.

  • UhIsThisOneFree

    ITT people who think 80 million could have solved world hunger, homelessness and given us free energy for life if only we hadn’t spent it on that blasted clock.


    No wonder, Every damn action movie in England set in a period piece the protagonist usually end hanging off the clock hands and falling .

  • Alcedis

    I‘ve been visiting London in 2018, walked from Tower Bridge to Westminster and had forgotten that the Tower was being renovated. That was some disappointment 😂

  • Xc_ihavememes

    I went there in 2018 and i was really excited to take a photo with big ben. When we finally got to the bridge, everything was where it should be but i couldn’t see big ben. I asked a police officer and he pointed at this ugly jumble of scaffolding and i was so disappointed

    You might wonder how i didn’t see a huge tower of scaffolding with a clock but mind you i was jet lagged to hell (flight from Aus) and i was on around 1 hour of sleep lol

  • s317sv17vnv

    I’m surprised that this restoration project has already taken over five years…

    …considering they’ve been working around the clock.

  • -captainjapseye

    People moaning about this are starting to do my head in. I’ve not got time to write an essay, but to summarise:

    1.) Sensationalism. On the face of it, £80m when there are people using food banks seems outrageous. However, it is far more complicated than £80m wasted. That £80m has been spent paying UK firms to do the work. It has saved some redundancies, and has paid a lot of UK workers to do their job. Anyone want to guess where these UK workers will spend that money? Sure, some will go overseas, but a reasonable amount will stay in the UK economy. The UK is not a household. We don’t have a giant credit card and choose to pay certain bills whilst ignoring the others. On an individual level, £80m is a significant amount of money. As a percentage of our GDP, it isn’t even a drop in the ocean. People need to understand just how big the numbers are when it comes to the economy.

    2). Tourism. Big Ben is one of Englands biggest attractions. It’s one of the most recognisable buildings in the world. People flock to this country to see it (amongst other things). It is in our interests to preserve it, because…

    3). Conservation. A lot of parts were failing, which have been replaced or repaired by an English company (see point one). A lot of the work done has been preventative maintenance too – had it been left to effectively rot, then we would have a significantly larger bill down the line to do the work anyway, but because the tower is in worse condition, it would cost more. What are the options – let it continue to deteriorate which, left unchecked would eventually because a danger? Sure, a lot of work done is cosmetic – but new paint will protect the parts.

    This country has a lot of problems, don’t get me wrong – our levels of child poverty and homelessness are disgusting in a country that is a major player on the world stage – but £80m ‘spent’ on a clock doesn’t come close to solving this. People need to broaden their myopic worldviews.

  • UraniumRocker

    With this wonder complete England gets a slight boost to it’s economy, and it’ll be able to attract more great merchants

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