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BERLIN (Money Heist Spin-Off) | Official trailer

BERLIN (Money Heist Spin-Off) | Official trailer

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  • Say_the_good_words

    No! Not more of this bullshit show!

    My girlfriend loves money heist and forced me to watch most of it. It was torturous.

    Don’t try to tell me there’s anything good about money heist. The writing is garbage, the plot is stupid and way too drawn out, the characters are obnoxious and not compelling, the story itself is just plain dumb — there’s not one redeeming quality.

    Oh, and the name “money heist” is so dumb it’s almost painful. Yeah no shit you’re stealing money. That’s what a heist is. I know TECHNICALLY a heist could be of anything, but it’s never used to refer to anything but a convoluted plan to steal a bunch of money.

  • marioquartz

    I hate more Berlin that any character in the Police side. So… Im not will watch this series.

    PD.: Yes, I hate him more than Arturito.

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