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Bel-Air | Official Trailer

Bel-Air | Official Trailer

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  • president_lick

    I remember watching the fan-made trailer for this a couple years ago and thinking it had a lot of potential. I can’t say much about the quality but this seems very high-budget and I hope it does well for the sake of smaller creators breaking into the industry.

  • Gyro_Flash

    Don’t know how I feel about the fact that they’ve not focused on the humour of the original but it looks like it’s got heart at least.

  • comrade_batman

    Having rewatched Fresh Prince of Bel-Air recently it’s surprising how much the racial issues brought up are still relevant today: Will and Carlton pulled over by police for driving an expensive car, Carlton not being considered “black” enough, Will’s aunt marrying a white fiancé, Will’s issues with his father, Uncle Phil having to speak up for the children just because of their lifestyle, Jazzy Jeff comically not putting his hands down in front of a policeman even in the witness stand. And there are probably more examples I’m forgetting but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

    The remake looks better than I thought it would, but will it be good enough to warrant it being made? Part of what made the original great was it’s ability to have the comedy while also commenting on social issues at the time. When things got serious and the comedy gave way to drama, that’s when the series proved itself not just as a simple comedy series, which is why it’s remembered so well, IMO. So I’m interested to see just how well it will be portrayed as primarily a drama this time.

  • RandomRageNet

    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Am I the only one who thinks this looks…bad? Besides the locations, this just has huge fan film vibes — which makes sense since it was spawned directly from a fan film. It just feels impossible to take a story that hews so closely to the original seriously.

  • supes1

    So it’s a dramatic retelling of the same essential story as the old sitcom. Interesting approach. Fresh Prince probably lends itself to this approach better than most old sitcoms.

  • bohanmyl

    This as a show itself, looks really good. But this shouldn’t be Bel-Air. This show is hurt by its connection to The Fresh Prince. If this show was a random set show, itd be great. Looks intense, great looking cast, high budget. But having watched and grown up with The Fresh Prince, this doesn’t fit right with me to go off the back of that show. Maybe its just me Idk.

  • phoncible

    I know it’s a drama but the stakes seem too high, like now Will is constantly on the run from this gang? If it devolves into them coming to CA and threatening the family…i dunno. It can be a drama without being full on dramatic. Don’t need a laugh track but also don’t need constant threat of death; feels like they leaned too hard the other way.

    Plenty of drama available with city kid in ritzy neighborhood trying to make a new life imo. Hope the gang stuff is just backstory and left at that.

  • ZackBummm

    While this doesn’t look too bad, I feel like the lead just has none of WS’s magnetism. I mean, whatever he does looks fine I guess, but he lacks Will’s charme and swagger

  • TwitchyDreql

    Holy Shit! I know the “white bully” in the locker room! Man he’s such a nice guy, he’s been getting small parts here and there, crazy to see him here not expecting it at all lol

  • Three_Froggy_Problem

    The lead really doesn’t seem to have Will Smith’s effortless charisma, which was half of what made the original so great.

  • SilverCarbon

    It seems the family is ultrarich now. When I watched the Fresh Prince it seemed an impressive mansion but the contrast with this trailer is on another level.

    There’s a bit too much bling though, it looks like their pyjamas are going to be full blown Armani suits as well.

  • CthuluSpecialK

    RIP James Avery. I LOVED Fresh Prince growing up. It was the epitome of cool to me.

    This looks ‘meh’, even if I suspend that this is a Fresh Prince story and pretend it’s brand new and let go of my love for the original, it still looks ‘meh’. None of it feels real to me, just… I’ll keep and open mind and hopefully the movie is better.

  • SpecialistSix

    It’s an interesting reboot that seems to ratchet up the *drama* level a lot and while I appreciate that they’re going for a more serious tone, I feel like that’s going to push people off. The original series got people hooked with the humor and that’s what got them to stay for the unexpected emotional hooks and punches when they came. Not loving the dynamic they’re setting up between Wil & Carlton either – puts them in a much more antagonistic place overall, rather than both being in a position to help the growth of the other. Still, fingers crossed.

  • alexmorelandwrites

    It would be very funny if this just turned out to be a properly brilliant piece of drama, wouldn’t it? By whatever miracle it’s somehow on a level with The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, whatever, and you’re constantly sat there trying to explain why the dark and gritty Fresh Prince show is actually brilliant to people who are rightfully dubious.

  • bcss20

    My prediction is it will not have the charm/fun of OG Fresh Prince while also not reaching the level of seriousness/drama that it looks like it’s going for.

  • pmitch94

    So was this made because of that fan trailer a few years back that will smith reportedly thought was pretty cool? cause if so thats awesome

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