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  • [deleted]

    This isn’t funny and SNL isn’t funny. I’m aware that it isn’t new to think this. It’s not new to think that people who thought it used to be good or it’s good every now and then are wrong.

  • neverdoug

    Wow this is bad. I’ve seen some unfunny SNL sketches before, but this is unbelievably bad.

    This is like something some 10 year olds would half heartedly put together if they were told to write a comedy sketch for school and left it till the last minute.

    Was there even anything in that entire clip that was close to being a joke?

  • DoinAPooLikeIts1962

    This feels like one of those rare times they gave Mooney and Bennet full creative freedom. Interesting some comments here saying it’s the typical shit you get from SNL. This feels a lot more like their Good Neighbor YouTube channel than SNL. A bit more in the vein of Tim and Eric or ITYSL. Definitely something the SNL showrunners wouldn’t normally give the go ahead for being too unusual and not involving an overdone, predictable political impersonation. For that reason alone, I like it!

    Also because Larry David throwing chairs and stabbing Kyle Mooney.

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