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Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS | Official Trailer 2

Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS | Official Trailer 2

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  • ProfessionalBust

    Does this movie really need more then one trailer? You know what the plot is from the first trailer Tom hanks bad Elvis good

  • superkickpunch

    If this movie doesn’t show him eating one of those bacon peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that killed him I’m going to fucking riot.

  • -Lumos

    Fuck. Can’t help but laugh everytime I see Tom Hanks in these trailers. I just can’t take him seriously looking like this. The rest of the film looks pretty entertaining.

  • film_composer

    I have this really incovenient, hyper-specific problem where I never feel confident saying “Baz Luhrmann” in conversation. I say it and my brain immediately tells me, “you idiot, it’s *Laz Buhrmann*,” which is obviously incorrect, but I can’t convince my brain otherwise.

  • DeepThroat616

    Oh thank god I don’t have to see that other Elvis trailer every time I go to an AMC anymore and now actually using songs that are familiar as Elvis songs and not (and I know it’s a standard but it’s undoubtably most known as a) Righteous Brothers songs (minus that inexplicable hip hop song).

  • Turdsley

    This movie looks so bad. Like they found some dude that looks like Elvis so they decided to make a movie about it…then randomly put Tom Hanks in a fat suit.

  • Dinosaria

    I’m extremely excited for this but I don’t think the ending line of “we’re going to do something different” bodes well….

    I hope its great though. Even though Butler doesn’t really look like Elvis to me, he definitely sounds like him.

  • Tacoombi

    Baz Luhrmann is a perfect example of how auteur theory also applies to crap film directors. Wonder what Truffaut would say about this.

  • ILoveRegenHealth

    I’ve made up my mind after seeing the 2nd trailer. This is gonna flop. Quote me on this.

    2h40m movie released in August, and this trailer *already* felt too long and biopic cliched, and Baz’ movies sometimes being too much Baz, and Tom Hanks in this dangerously close to being a bad meme = this movie will struggle mightily.

  • ReddiTrawler2021

    And there are the themes prevalent in Baz Luhrmann’s films: the artist making a stand against the world in the name of his art and the love of it. It was seen in Strictly Ballroom and Moulin Rouge.

    I would have liked this film to be a bit more true to real life, because Elvis had one epic rollercoaster of it. But I don’t think Luhrmann’s take on it will be too fictional.

    The first trailer seemed a lot more epic. This one is good, but feels less epic TBH.

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