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Australian kid who has an insect/creature YouTube. Most videos have like 200 views. He hand draws each title card and animal.

Australian kid who has an insect/creature YouTube. Most videos have like 200 views. He hand draws each title card and animal.

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  • CalRipkenForCommish

    Love to see this kind of wholesome interest in science. Great for kids teaching kids! Thanks for sharing, OP.

  • JeddahVR

    The music, the information, the video production in general is actually really good. I know many kind hearted people will subscribe to support, but the kid does provide great and clear information that are also very interesting, so give the videos a watch as well.

  • Look_to_the_Stars

    R5: no solicitation of votes or views

    Remember when you guys did this exact same thing to that dinosaur kid?

  • 5_dollars_hotnready

    As informational as it is, this is parents exploiting their kid for views.

    The production quality, mic quality, and different shots of the scorpions tells me that it is the parents pushing for a new Youtube Star.

    Kid is a good presenter and is good at reading the lines, buts this is a modern day money grab.

    I hope he doesnt realize it and is just having fun, but its obvious his parents are trying to exploit him.

  • ryandarr1979

    That ten year old kid has bigger balls than forty two year old me. No way am I intentionally letting a scorpion crawl all over me.

  • Willowy

    I’m dying from the adorable, but the kid is really good! Excellent info presentation, and great photography.

    A young Steve Irwin in the making?

  • CmdrSelfEvident

    Fun fact no one really knows why the scorpion has evolved to glow in ultraviolet. We don’t even know if its an adaptation that might help with anything or just chance.

  • us3rnam3ch3cksout

    I found this kid after wanting to see more about those queuing caterpillars in natureisfuckinglit. its really informative and interesting. i think his enthusiasm makes it even better, for me at least.

  • goodthropbadthrop

    Why didn’t the scorpion sting him? I have killed scorpions the two or three times I’ve encountered one for fear that it would sting me or my dog, but maybe I shouldn’t? I don’t like killing anything that I don’t plan to eat or isn’t an immediate danger like a widow or recluse.

  • Wuffkeks

    I’ve been to much on reddit to not recognize this as paid or astroturfed advertising. YouTuber with magical good channel is found at random and gets to reddit with few very detailed and positive comments but a ton of upvotes.

    Especially if someone has more than a few videos this is, in these days, never by chance but bought or otherwise fabricated.

  • Rayfasa

    Subscribed. Neat. Reminds me of casual geographic, just a person talking about animals.

    In iOS click on the avatar in the video and it’ll take you to the page

  • us3rnam3ch3cksout

    There was a post in natureisfuckinglit about some caterpillars that go in a straight line and follow each other that I saw on the way home yesterday.

    I wondered if there was a giant “line” of caterpillars on YouTube so I searched it.

    And one video was his. It was 3 years old. So I watched some other videos and thought “this is kid of like the dinosaur kid.

    He doesn’t talk much about himself and is very educational. That + Australian creepy crawlers and I thought “reddit gold” and posted.

    I’m not a shill, a YouTuber, or paid for anything. You can mostly call me a redditor. You can go through my post history.

    The amount of people in here talking about the kid being exploited by his parents or people like you who are soooooo sure this is advertising…just makes me realize how much clowns there are on Reddit. It’s one thing to be skeptical. It’s another to come and post so surely based on so little.

  • buddy_burgers

    He should be wearing a mask—not setting a good example for humanity! I also want to know if he’s vaccinated so I can better decide to support him or not. What if he’s one of those degenerate freedom-lovers?

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