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As someone new to playing competitive mode in Rocket League, this sums up my experience so far

As someone new to playing competitive mode in Rocket League, this sums up my experience so far

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  • GirthLordJr

    Lolol so true. Tbh, idk why anyone would FF. Even if I’m getting squashed, I think it’s important to finish the game so you can possibly learn something new from the better player(s).

  • EOBGuy

    Usually I find its another way for them to troll – they don’t actually expect/want you to forfeit. So, naturally I will then forfeit.

    Quite funny when they get upset and confused 😛

  • moonwork

    I remember when this exact thing came up two years ago, someone replied explaining that they engage the vote as quickly as possible “in case one of the teammates wants to forfeit”.

    I still to this day cannot make sense of that argument.

  • Blooder91

    Friends of mine started playing with me when it went F2P. It’s their first competitive online, while I already had 2 years of Rocket League and 8 years of League of Legends under my belt.

    They get really tilted after a loss or two.

  • thearchersparadox

    Happend to me about an hour ago. They scored 1-0 and Mr. Sensitive FF in 0.1 sec and stayed AFK the whole match and just moved the wheels to not get kicked. I mean…. Why are people like this? Don’t get it. Grow up.

  • kickstartacraze

    I used to play Rocket League for pure fun after getting stressed out playing multiplayer shooters. Now it’s completely reversed and I play shooters to relax after stressing out in Rocket League.

  • PolybiusNightmare

    My favourite is when I’m down 2 or 3 to 0 in duos so my teammate quits because I won’t forfeit, and then I comeback to win short handed.

  • Westpak00

    In league of legend you can surrender after the 15 minutes mark. Some people are just waiting for the time limit and leave if the vote was not unanimous.

  • saurovaire

    My experience was different, if slightly. People became griefers by ruining the game so that 3v3 became 2v4 because one of our teammates thinks that we ‘sucked’ so much, they’ll support the other side.

    And Psyonix thinks it’s a good idea to penalize honest players…

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