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Anybody else grow up watching Ghostwriter?

Anybody else grow up watching Ghostwriter?

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  • DrunkenGerbils

    Not sure how I missed this show, I was ten when it came out and after reading the summary it sounds like something that would’ve been right up my alley.

  • Healfezza

    Watched it on TVO as a kid, they had a write in contest with answers from the show and I won a sweater once. See, I am famous.

  • noob_tech

    Yea this was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I was super into it. It hit just at the perfect time for me to think the concept was still cool and having age-appropriate crushes on the girls. Funny story about that –

    Fast forward almost a decade, I’m a first-year at my undergraduate meal hall, stoned off my petard giggling and eating a bunch of awesome food with my roommates. I spy, across the room, 3 girls sitting with each other and I IMMEDIATELY recognize one of them as Mayteana Morales, the original Gaby Fernandez. I INSTANTLY recognized her, there was aboslutely no question in my mind it was an aged version of her, she looked just like herself.

    Now, I should mention that I have this habit of when I’m high I just sort of misrecognize people. Like, incredibly often I see people who look like someone I know, and I walk up on em like “HEY BOBBY” and I get close and it is clearly not Bobby. Like I got some sort of weed goggles, for whatever reason I just don’t recognize people as well.

    ANYWAY, I KNOW this is her and I tell my roommate – “I recognize that girl from a show I used to watch as kid!” He’s incredulous, but like I said I’m absolutely certain. So my bold, also very stoned roommate just walks over outside of my earshot and starts talking to her! They look over at me and I’m freakin mortified.

    He comes back quickly, sits down says “it’s not her”. I look over at them, they’re giggling. They ask “WHAT SHOW?!”

    I said “GHOSTWRITER”

    They giggled more and said “No!”

    Embarrassed, but relieved they were too far this to go any further we finished our meal and left.

    I however, was not fully convinced. I also at the time had a habit of randomly googling my childhood crushes. Put these two together, lo and behold, Mayteana Morales was listed as an *enrolled student* at my very school, at that same exact time…..

    I’ll never know if it was her, but to this day, I choose to believe it was. Love you Gaby.

  • whackarnolds

    my fourth grade teacher made us watch this show and gave us homework based on it. also, samuel l. jackson is in one of the episodes.

  • poetdesmond

    Oh, god, it’s been ages. Am I recalling correctly that the show was canceled right as they started to dig in the mystery of the Ghostwriter’s origins?

  • SashaWoodson

    So many great memories. THABTO. Julia Stiles being a super cringe hacker. Hangin with the Hood Man. That street poet from The Warriors.

  • skook

    > Do you know anything about hackers?

    > Can you jam with the console cowboys in cyberspace?

    > Never experienced the new wave? Next wave? Dream wave? OR cyberpunk?

    10 Things was great and all, but this was her most iconic role and everything she did afterwards paled in comparison

  • throwawayshirt

    1. Was not expecting Samuel L.
    2. What are they doing in the Huxtables’ house? His bedroom is even blocked the same as Theo’s!
    3. Oh shit, the first purse snatching in the history of PBS. Gritty.
    4. I like how they ‘translate’ the Spanish by contextual replies.
    5. Homeboy hover-handed that register.

  • zeusjts006

    So apparently in a 2010 interview with the shows creator, it turned out that ghostwriter was a runaway slave. Taught himself to read and write, freed other slaves and then taught them to read and write.

  • Permanganic_acid

    kids who grew up on cable have different nostalgias than kids who grew up without it. Rocko’s Modern Life means nothing to me. Remember when the show was Shining Time Station and Thomas the Tank Engine was the filler?

  • BMOawesomeO

    Oh my god, I just remembered my 90’s line up for saturdays:


    The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo

    Pete and Pete

    Dude Ranch

    The Secret World of Alex Mack

    All that


    Are You Afraid of the Dark


    you just took me to a 90’s Nick rabbit hole. there goes my weekend!

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