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Any game developer that shoves NFTstds into games are dead inside

Any game developer that shoves NFTstds into games are dead inside

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  • Sega-Forever

    The trend is saying NFT’s are bad. But owning a piece of DLC tied to you doesn’t sound so bad? It will hinder developers to charge you for it again.

  • Bowdirt

    Ubisoft is creating in game items NFT that you will be able to sell once you’re done with the game. I thought that was pretty cool considering DLC is useless after you’re done with a game. It would be cool of other companies did this.

  • TheBitwolf

    So that’s what NFT’s would be for in games? So you could, say, theoretically (and I know I’m touching a nerve here but it’s the only example that comes to mind) have a skin for a gun in Apex and then have the same skin in Titanfall 3 if it ever came?

  • AwkwardTheTwelfth

    I’m a software developer. The idea behind putting NFTs in games is solid and could give players significantly more freedom and control over trading games and in-game assets with friends and family. It could give ownership to people who buy games. It could be a huge leap forward in giving ownership of software to consumers by decentralizing assets and/or titles.

    But do I trust Ubisoft or EA to do it? Hell no. Their current model is a market grab with no decentralization, and they both deserve to fail.

  • goliathfasa

    Video game publishers have really fucked up. Micro transactions up the wazoo and nobody bats an eye. But then they gotta jump in on the NFT.

  • BlockingCake956

    Yea I agree, NFT’s are a big cash grab. Like who would ever want to actually own some ugly monkey to “appreciate” the art? same as in video games, The only reason people would put NFT’s in their game is to make more money

  • ShockDynamo

    Could NFTs be used to trade or sell cosmetic items in a game? Or make digital game copies actually owned and not just licensed? I don’t really know that much about them tbh

  • umbrtheinfluence

    You guys realize that, in theory, spending money isn’t required to obtain an NFT right? Implementing NFT’s into games doesn’t HAVE to mean microtransacitons.

    Will a lot of studios try to use NFT’s as a cash-grab, yes.

    Be mad at studios who are using the technology disingenuously, and who are simply trying to generate more profit.

    The implementation of NFT’s into games could be an amazing thing if done correctly.

  • KitKatKidLemon

    Everyone is scared NFTs are gonna tarnish the creativity of games that are already shitty, money grabby, and lame. What are you trying to protect? The sanctity of Fortnite skins?

  • vordrax

    As far as I’m concerned, NFTs for games should be used for the game license itself. Players could finally own their actual digital copy, and trade with or sell to other players. And the original developer or publisher could benefit from taking a portion of the sale. It’s win-win for consumers and creators.

  • bitchCaboose

    All the whining from people that definitely didn’t learn what an nft actually is makes me think nfts may be a good thing

  • reboot-your-computer

    If there’s one thing NFTs have done for me, it’s put a do not buy sticker on anything associated with it. They can try to push NFTs all they want. I won’t take part in that scam. They already scam us out of enough money.

  • hardy_83

    Developer: We’re adding NFTs so you can own something for a game you love and watch it go up invalue.

    Fine print: You don’t actually own anything you buy.

  • CAJ16

    I feel bad, but I’m pretty excited for the first time someone buys an NFT for a skin and then sends the URL to a dev to transfer it into a game and gets laughed at.

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