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Angel Takes the Elevator to Hell

Angel Takes the Elevator to Hell

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  • ColdCruise

    Angel S02E15 “Reprise”

    Just watched this episode and I can’t express how much I love this scene. Most shows nowadays, if the protagonist finds a ring that will take them to Hell to fight the ultimate evil, they would actually go to Hell and have a bunch of fights scenes or something. It takes balls to make the scene about how fighting evil is pointless and how nothing that the “champions” ever do will matter because evil will always exist. Sure, they may stop an apocalypse, but to evil that’s just like a meeting being canceled. Then the Hero actually agrees with them and sees the pointlessness of everything.

  • lilTrifey

    Dang. I am currently re-watching Buffy. I’m on season 5. I have been debating since 4 if I should have also started Angle again. Didn’t want to but, this just made me commit to it.

  • inkista

    I’m still so sad that Adrian Pasdar was busy making *Mysterious Ways,* so Greenwalt couldn’t bring Jim Profit in as a partner of Wolfram & Hart like he planned.

  • horseren0ir

    I’m watching habeus corpses right now, watching Buffy as well so the crossovers line up, not sure what I’m gonna watch when I finish these

  • Now_Wait-4-Last_Year

    Such a good scene from such a good show. I watch this very clip a lot.

    Angel showed that evil was rarely if ever defeated in a boss fight (nothing so prosaic as winning) and the genius of Season 5 was how gradually they were corrupted along the way such that they didn’t even realise it was happening.

    And to quote the great Bill Paxton as Hudson, “Express elevator to Hell!”


  • no_name_left_to_give

    Sam Anderson is one of the great ‘that guy’ actors who are always in supporting roles but they kill it every single time.

  • LopsidedIdeal

    There just isn’t a show that deals in the supernatural that also has it’s characters delve into so many topics like Angel.

    This scene is one of my favourites but I also love the last episode

    “People like you, who don’t care about anyone or anything, will never understand the people who do”

    “Yeah… but we won’t care”

    The writers on this show had some real deep things to say and I think they really succeeded in that more than anything.

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