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Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

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  • Mr-Bane-Vader

    This looks a lot better than the other D+ shows from what I’ve seen. I had pretty much written off Disney producing anything good but this has me interested. Big fan of the real world set pieces and not having everything take place on a little stage surrounded by “The Volume” LED screen.


    Looks good but im not expecting anything groundbreaking since its still star wars. Hopefully its a low to the ground story like rogue one with characters we can care about

  • yarkcir

    I was only excited for this because Tony Gilroy was involved, but this genuinely looks even more incredible this time around. Stellan Skarsgård’s role is much bigger than expected too.

  • nayzayz

    I liked Cassian in Rogue One but would be much more interested in this show if it had a title which made it seem like an ensemble rather than being about a character that we already know the ending of. Not every single character must have their own show. Only watched this trailer because I wasn’t at all convinced before, now I’m a little more keen. But even if this has heaps of interesting new characters, in the back of my head I’ll always be thinking “why does Andor need his own show?”

  • ContinuumGuy

    I’m way more interested in the Mon Mothma storyline here. We’ve seen how the fighting rebels are made before, but rarely if ever have we seen the political ones.

  • jscoppe

    Damn, Terence Stamp back as Chancellor Valorum. Maybe he’ll get more than one line this time!

    edit: spelling of names

    edit 2: I’m being told it’s Ben Miles. Dead ringer for a 2001-era Terence Stamp. And apparently the character is labeled Tay Kolma. I could still see Miles playing Valorum, here. We’ll see, I suppose.

    It would make sense for Mon Mothma to be talking to the ex-chancellor about what has just transpired with the fall of the Republic and how she intends to start a rebellion.

  • JacobScreamix

    Looks great! Especially relative to what we’ve gotten so far.

    Also love seeing the Chernobyl cast getting more work. Don’t sleep on the HBO Chernobyl miniseries, it has like 5 of the same actors and is incredible.

  • recent_mute

    They showed actual dirt in the trailer, and they were in a real location.

    Notable how much better things look when the Volume stage isn’t so heavily relied on.

  • LostInTheVoid_

    Man, this actually looks like they hired competent directors and cinematographers. Obviously, trailers can be very deceptive but the shots we’ve seen so far have been very professional and well done which can’t be said for previous trailers.

  • Citizen_Kong

    Well, I wouldn’t trust Vladimir Harkonnen… Joking aside, I can already tell Stellan Skarsgård will kill every scene he’s in.

  • Nomandate

    Looks awesome. I don’t GAF what anyone says me and the kids are loving the nonstop stream of Star Wars stuff. Been waiting my whole life for stuff like this.

  • GandalfSwagOff

    Give me Star Wars without a single lightsaber or mention of the force and Jedi. There is an entire galaxy to work with. Not every story needs to be a galaxy changing event.

  • FROMtheASHES984

    Regardless of how good this show ends up being, there’s something about this trailer that just *feels* so much more cinematic and well produced than anything since Rogue One, including the best aspects of the Mandolorian (which I know obviously makes sense as this comes from the same team). There’s just something about this that feels different.

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