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And my weekly allowance was gone…

And my weekly allowance was gone…

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  • extremis4iv

    You were purchasing a limited licence to play a game. Not virtual items within a game you already paid for. Not the same. But nice try.

  • labassistant_spc100

    This person obviously has no idea what microtransactions is. Our local arcade was hacked and we played the first street fighter for months

  • Stonehill76

    But micro transactions don’t give you access to the game the way this did. This was more like timed subscriptions caused by addiction.

  • paulvs88

    I’m at the age where I clearly remember the games that started letting you continue if you put another quarter in. I knew what that meant and I hated them for what they were doing. I knew they now had a financial interest in makeing it harder to get by certain parts. It was the beginning of the end of me going to arcades on a regular basis.

  • FullBitGamer

    To be fair I lost my lunch money every week practicing Street Fighter: Third Strike for tournament weekends…

    I miss arcades. Badly.

  • Enjoying_A_Meal

    CEO of Activision: “Hey this gives me a great idea! $1 to save game, $3 dollars to load! let’s put it in Diablo IV.”

  • Kinetic_Pen

    One of the best posts I’ve seen on this subreddit in awhile. As a person who grew up in arcades I understood even back in the 80’s what the true business of video games would become. At the time owners of gaming cabinets could adjust the difficulty therefore making more money on these cabinets. Smash TV and other top down shooters were notorious for being quarter gobbler games. I recall spending 30 dollars to beat Smash TV. 30 bucks to beat one game, one time!

    Microtransactions and DLC have come as no shock to me and even though I don’t always agree with them I still realize it’s in our control to buy them or not. I will never forget that over 30 years ago I spent 30 dollars to beat Smash TV one time. So 20 dollars (or less) these days for a DLC doesn’t seems like a big deal for all the entertainment I get.

  • PunJedi

    Best friend and I spent $16 in quarters beating Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja. We were so stoked and then it just ended with a message saying “Don’t Do Drugs”. That was the beginning of the end of arcades for me.

  • Geoclasm

    Not… really?

    Okay, this is gonna sound incredibly pedantic… because it is, but this is more like a subscription fee than a micro-transaction.

    Micro transactions give you something beyond the ability to play the game.

    Putting another quarter in, at best, lets you continue from where you left off after you get wrekt.

  • Head-Atmosphere-1144

    I remember in the late 80’s when i was but a wee fart there was a pizza place where i lived, Izzys Pizza, they had two arcade games. Robocop and another game that wasn’t worth my attention.

    For one of my birthdays i was gifted a roll of quarters and off i went, Robocop was calling my name ever so sweetly. That damned machine took my entire roll and didn’t even let me pass the second level.

    Either that or i wasn’t as good at the game as i seemed to think i was.

  • BiezeVin

    Not a microtransaction at all. You can’t put a shit ton of quarters in and get stuff that makes you more powerful. You just had to pay to play like everyone else.

  • santichrist

    Guys really lose their tiny minds about micro transactions like they’re a new part of gaming, I remember halo 2 making us pay for like 4 extra maps lmao this shit isn’t a recent thing

  • xxAkirhaxx

    Yall think some games are bad now. Remember paying a dollar for a single life in a video game? Knowing they made the game as difficult as possible to make you spend more. Fuck dungeons and dragons in the arcade.

  • Yoggs

    Everyone arguing about what this should be called and no one mentions the word “rental”.

    It was the first video game rental. You damn kids.

  • longbrodmann

    I just watched a video about an Arcade version of Double Dragon III that the in-game items need to be bought by coins as well.

  • Gikkio_

    I think you have no idea what the game was at that time maybe, it’s not the same thing. 😉
    In the cabinets paid to play a game of a game, the game lasted depending on HOW GOOD YOU WERE, and without GETTING ANY ADVANTAGE.
    You didn’t buy game items, you didn’t buy game parts (dlc), you didn’t take advantage of buying things that improve your character with real money.
    In short, you did not pay to make the game easier, which today seems to be of great interest since difficult things are opposed.
    In practice …. NO SHORTCUT 🙂
    we boomers didn’t invent this shit my friend, it’s not our fault this time: D

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