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Amelia Earhart takes off from Habor Grace, 1932

Amelia Earhart takes off from Habor Grace, 1932

Amelia Earhart takes off from Habor Grace, 1932 from OldSchoolCool

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  • Pasargad

    Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean near Howland Island.

    The two were last seen in Lae, New Guinea, on July 2, 1937, on the last land stop before Howland Island and one of their final legs of the flight.

    She presumably died in the Pacific during the circumnavigation, just three weeks prior to her fortieth birthday.

    Nearly one year and six months after she and Noonan disappeared, Earhart was officially declared dead. Investigations and significant public interest in their disappearance still continue over 80 years later.

  • Crankycavtrooper

    The Aircraft is a Lockheed Vega. She also flew this same Aircraft across the United States in it, breaking another record. You can’t tell by the video, but it sported a bright red paint scheme, Amelia called it her ‘Big Red Bus’.
    It still exists in the National Air and Space Museum.

  • Gorf_the_Magnificent

    Every few years there’s a headline-grabbing story that someone has “found” Amelia Earhart or her remains. Then it goes away until some else later pops up and claims to have found it. I’m 70 years old and this cycle had been going on my entire life.

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