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Also a face of depression. Amy Winehouse during her last concert before her death.

Also a face of depression. Amy Winehouse during her last concert before her death.

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  • MrSlothy

    All the people saying it’s the drugs issue and not that she was preyed upon by the entertainment industry for years..

    Drugs are a symptom, not a cause, you chucklefucks

  • EastsideHarrod140

    It was incredibly irresponsible of her management team to put her out there on stage,week after week,when they knew how hard she was spiraling down. Almost reminds me of the cruel displays in 19th century carnivals,of ’freaks’.

    Should not have happened.

  • GermanOsFan

    hope I am not too late here…

    I met Amy in 2009 during the summer euro music festival season and she was wandering aimlessly around the backstage area talking to herself.She eventually invited herself on to our tour bus and proceeded to to babble mostly incomprehensibly for almost half an hour before wandering away.she told me about her new dog 3 times during this as though she was telling it each time for the 1st time.She looked terribly unhealthy and unclean.After she left i found someone from her band and expressed concern for her well-being.He just shrugged and said everyone is doing their best to help, but when they try too hard they get fired.

    It was so depressing.So much talent, so much self-loathing.As a recovering junkie i was able to empathize.

  • dsr231

    I was repelled by Amy Winehouse and her appearance. I thought she looked like a skanky drug addict and never listened to anything she recorded. After she passed, I read how her iTunes sales were spiking, so I decided to buy a few of her songs to give her a listen. And that’s when I became so fucking angry AT MYSELF for depriving me of years of her great music. That was the day I vowed to never again judge anyone by their appearance. Rest easy Amy, you were fantastic.

  • D-Sleezy

    A lot of addiction and depression experts on this sub.

    Most of us will have no idea what she was battling or what was going on internally.

  • Nope_Nope_Nope_0

    I remember this show. about 1.5 months prior to her death. She was drunk and on drugs, and couldn’t carry a tune without fucking it up. Everyone was super critical of her, the media was like “has she gone too far?”. Then when she died everyone was pikachu faced for a whole 2 days. sad shit. RIP Amy.

  • sonia72quebec

    The poor Woman needed a break and all she got was parasites who were after her money and fame (I’m including her Dad who apparently was negotiating deals while she was dying)

  • meetmeinthebthrm

    I can’t watch that concert. It reminds me too much of what it was like being a severe alcoholic. She was such an incredible talent with such great taste and range in music. I don’t usually think twice about a celebrity death, but she is sorely missed.

  • AshliBabbittIsAWhore

    She deserved so much better. She’s my #1 favourite artist and the impact she left, despite making only 2 albums, was huge.

    Fuck Mitch Winehouse and fuck Blake Fielder-Civil.

  • derektalon

    This poor woman was so tortured! It makes me so sad what happened to her. She was such a great talent. Had innovative musical style. She was brilliant! I miss her.

  • horrorandmusic

    My chest hurts every time I see this. Thank you for changing my perspective when approaching music, Amy. Thank you for inspiring me to write my own lyrics. Thank you for getting me through the worst years of my life. You’ll always be my #1, even when I go months without listening. Back to Black changed my life and I’m so grateful for that.

  • AgathaM

    I was at a concert that had Counting Crows and Maroon 5 together. They were going to be at this venue for 2 or 3 days. At one point, Adam Duritz was sitting on the stage and crying while doing his set. I assumed that he was on something.

    The next day, the radio said that It was only going to be Maroon 5 for the next concert due to Adam being unwell.

    He is under medical care for all sorts of mental health issues now.

  • BabyNapsDaddyGames

    I have been medically diagnosed with chronic anxiety and depression. Shit is no joke but people only seem to care when it’s someone famous and after they died. There needs to be a very strong and focused effort to address the mental health issues that is damn near endemic across the world. If you know or have seen anyone that is dealing with this, please please please, reach out to them. Don’t ignore the issue and wait until after the person is dead before acknowledging the problem they are suffering with. Depression can ruin the person and their relationships with others.

  • PickledBananas

    Amy truly deserved to go on and be an international sensation with a long career. She didn’t deserve the demons and the HELL she got from tabloids. A once in a lifetime talent. Rest in peace Amy.

  • overcherie

    I’m glad to see posts of what actually distressed people look like. She’s terrified and holding herself for the only comfort she can get. These are the depression signs people need to recognize.

    And a lot of people on here don’t know how self-destructive depression is. It poisons your brain and sucks you into a black hole.

  • Villageidiot1984

    Watching clips of some of her last shows… everyone involved should be ashamed. They never should have let her go out in that condition. Let alone force her. She should have been in a hospital.

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