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All Four PBA Televised 7-10 Split Conversions

All Four PBA Televised 7-10 Split Conversions

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  • dlanod

    Speaking of weird splits – 11 years between first and second, 10 years between third and fourth, but only months between second and third? Randomness works in funny ways.

  • Oldoneeyeisback

    Next time I, inevitably, get one – the lesson I’m taking here – is drill it as hard as I can. I’ll probably sacrifice accuracy for power and miss entirely but hey ho…

  • SunriseSurprise

    I converted a 7-10 split once, about an hour after league had ended when I was bowling for shits and giggles. A few people in the lane next to me saw it thankfully, because I didn’t even really process that I picked it up until they’re like “whoa, that was 7-10 wasn’t it?” and I was like holy shit, I just picked it up! Would’ve gotten a patch I think if I did it in league.

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