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Alfred Hitchcock (1966), with the scripts of all of his films up to that time

Alfred Hitchcock (1966), with the scripts of all of his films up to that time

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    He is shown placing “Torn Curtain” on top…That 1966 title is considered a lesser film from Hitchcock’s canon of films, due in part to unfocused scripting and poorly chosen lead actors. Biographers noted that Hitchcock’s initial casting choices had fallen through. Actress Eva Marie Saint (used on other Hitchcock projects) was not available. Female lead went to Julie Andrews, recent star of “Sound of Music.” Hitchcock , some stated, was friendly, but “cool” with Andrews, who reportedly “did not see much of a challenge with the role. “

    The Male lead was offered to Cary Grant, but Hitchcock ultimately compromised in having method-actor Paul Newman in the role. He later regretted the decision, as he and Newman experienced conflicts throughout the shooting. Accustomed to minimal direction needed for his actors, Hitchcock found Newman required more coaching than most. A frustrated Hitchcock found the availability of his leads meant less time to develop the script.

    The film has a few memorable scenes, most notably the long, extended struggle with Newman‘s defector character and a “farmer” in hand-to-hand conflict. Hitchcock later proudly mentioned this sequence to filmmaker and author François Truffaut.

    Overall, a flawed work and signaling the end of Hitchcock’s career, as he would complete only three more features, political thriller “Topaz,” (1969), murder mystery “Frenzy,” (1972), and his final film,”Family Plot,” (1976). His physical condition and mental decline are perhaps highlighted by the fact that he completed a mere four films in the period of 1966 to 1976.

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