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A New Zealand ad promoting donating blood

A New Zealand ad promoting donating blood

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  • Stahlregen

    I don’t like to mention this to people I know but I donate plasma every two weeks. I do recommend that if you can participate that you also do, it’s a very simple procedure and you can help so many people simply by gifting a small part of yourself.

  • Ricefox

    I live in NZ, but unfortunately can’t donate blood as I was in the UK when I was a young fulla, during the whole mad cow stuff. I made a doctor’s appointment to see if I could get tested to see if I was safe to donate. It was a very short appointment “can I get a test to see if it’s safe to give blood?”. “Yes, when you die we can biopsy your brain”. Well shit.

    So thank you to all the amazing people that take time out of their lives to donate!

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