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A Londoner 1880

A Londoner 1880

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  • PLOGER522

    This one is an interesting gentleman! A well starched detachable club collar shows that he is able to afford the best care tools for his collar. We can faintly see a thin tie that was tied a little bit too low where the curves of the collar exposed the tie, this shows that this gentleman is still quite a youngster, as the youth were not trusted with more “prestigious” collars, especially club collars which are more associated with the higher-class.

    What makes this one even more interesting, is his jacket. We can see a very well maintain 3-4 natural roll for his lapel, this shows that it is a handmade garment, tailored for him and seems to be quite brand new! This tells us that this gentleman is perhaps more of the upper-middle class, a tailored jacket, a detachable collar, this gentleman is one who sports the trendiest styles!

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